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Ömer Sastim[2][1] (born: September 7, 1998 (1998-09-07) [age 25]),[3] better known online as masteroogwgay (or simply Oogway or Master), is a Turkish-Dutch YouTuber who rose to fame through his self-titled channel. He publishes shorts in which he recreates the voice of Oogway from the Kung-Fu Panda films. He also is in the music industry as Yung Oogway, formerly known as Baklava Boi.


masteroogwgay used to create content based on Master Oogway from DreamWork's Kung-Fu Panda film series.

After his face reveal, Sastim then shifted from quote videos to reaction videos and memes. Due to the algorithm's problems and other problems in YouTube, he temporarily quit YouTube. However, he returned to the platform on March 3, 2023.[4]

He began his social media career on TikTok in 2021. His account was a fan account for Kung Fu Panda films, and then soon shifted to a meme channel.

He also uploads various videos where he reacts to memes, hosts gaming livestreams, streamed himself playing League of Legends and Bit Hotel amongst other games, and other variety content including working out.

Sastim has also addressed the One Giant Onion controversy, which involves the Onion claiming Master has 'stolen' content from him. Master responded in a 1:50 video where he proved his innocence, and showing that One Giant Onion has actually stolen a group of content by ADE, manlikeisaac and Master's content 'My opinion on women', which was posted May 7, 2023, which was closely followed by One Giant Onion's 'My opinion on women' 8 hours after Master's original post. As of May 2, 2023, Sastim has boarded the weight loss train, posting 'Day <number> of playing the saxophone till I get lean and shredded <weight currently>', which involve Sastim playing an imaginary 'saxophone'.


He has collaborated with many other creators like manlikeisaac and onevilage.[5][6]


Ömer has faced large amounts of criticism for his content over his career. His content contains copious amounts of dark and politically incorrect humor and is usually repetitive, which people were very critical on. This criticism would only expand when he started to make slurs (most commonly the N-word and its variants) and derogatory language the butt of the joke in a few of his videos. This "meta-joke" style of his dark humor is seen as immature and childish, as well as being considered racist by many. [7][8][9]


On October 31, 2023, YouTube suspended all of Ömar’s channels from the YouTube Partner Program for “Reused Content” which means that he cannot monetize any of his content anymore. Ömar went to Twitter (Officially called X) and tagged YouTube to get his channels re-monetized. YouTube later responded saying that his channels will remain suspended from the YouTube Partner Program. Later Ömar managed to get his monetization back, and talked to YouTube about some problems on their platform.

Almost quitting YouTube[]

On November 2, 2023, MasterOogway announced that he would be quitting YouTube because of his content, being “stolen ideas” and similar things, being deleted off YouTube, as well as getting him denied from the YouTube Partners Program. [10] The next day, however, MasterOogway announced that he was no longer losing faith in YouTube as he got in touch with the company over his unfair demonetization, and could rejoin the YouTube Partner Program under one condition: he remove the problematic videos. He explained that he got lucky to be in touch with YouTube when other creators were also being unfairly demonetized. His main channels have been demonetized as of June 2024. In a later video that day, he confirmed that he had gotten his monetization back. [11]

Boxing career[]

Master Oogway vs. Armz Korleone[]

On August 30, 2023, it was announced that Oogway will be making his boxing debut against British rapper S1mba on the undercard of MF & DAZN: X Series 009: Idris Virgo vs. Aaron Chalmers at the Vertu Motors Arena in Newcastle upon Tyne, England on September 23.[12] On September 12, S1mba withdrew from the bout for an unknown reason.[13] Oogway's opponent's identity will be revealed on the night of the fight and is marketed as a mystery opponent.[14] On September 21, at the press conference, it was announced that Oogway's replacement opponent will be English rapper Armz Korleone.[15] On the night of the fight, Oogway was defeated by Armz via 1st round technical knockout.[16]


Repetitive humor and video spam[]

Oogway has faced significant online criticism for his repetitive humor throughout his content. This includes a routine where he baits viewers into thinking he will say the N-word, only to switch to another word starting with "N."[17] Another common critique is his "click on this video if you don't" tactic, where he compels viewers to click his videos by suggesting that if they don't, they are part of the LGBT community or someone will <blank> do something inappropriate to him[18].

Additionally, Oogway has been criticized for spamming videos, posting an excessive number of videos in a single day, many of which were stolen content with his pre-recorded reactions added. Adding insult to injury, Oogway was mocked for initially crying about getting demonetized, especially since reusing content is one of YouTube's reasons for demonetization, as well as being offensive.

Adolf Hitler song[]

On May 19, 2024, Oogway released a song titled "Adolf Hitler is My N***a"[19]. The song immediately sparked controversy, and many mocked Oogway, seeing the song as a desperate bid for attention amidst his declining popularity. The song led to his TikTok account being banned, reinstated, and then banned again. In response, Oogway created numerous alternative accounts and dismissed critics as "snowflakes". He released a short video where he used an Adolf Hitler filter while lip-syncing to it. [20]

Music video response[]

Oogway would make his last song before his eventual termination titled Sorry For Saying The N Word, and would once again say the n-word towards the end of the song despite serving as an apology.[21] He later reuploaded the song to his new channel, Oogway Reborn, with the end lyric removed. [22]


Oogway revealed his conservative take regarding gender politics on May 31, 2024, by tweeting that only those born as women can be women, and only those born as men can be men.[23] When someone responded in disagreement, Oogway responded with an image of a dog raising its eyebrow in disapproval.[24]

Channel termination(s)[]

On June 20, 2024, all of his channels have been terminated for violating YouTube's Terms of Service. He posted on his Twitter and Yung Oogway channel (before it was also terminated on June 22), accusing his haters of "spam reporting" his channels.[25][26]

He has tried to make an appeal to get his channel back, but was denied. He was mocked for announcing that he will be retiring from his YouTube career, moving onto "other businesses".[27]

Using Palestine For Followers[]

Master Oogway has faced significant criticism for initiating a campaign where he promises to donate 1 cent to Palestine for every new follower he gains[28]. People in the quote retweets and replies viewed this negatively for two main reasons: First, that he is exploiting the ongoing Palestinian crisis[29] to enhance his image as a content creator and garner sympathy from his haters; Second, he has been accused of using the cause for his personal gain.

Other channels[]

On this channel, masteroogwgay uploads reaction shorts. It got terminated alongside his main channel.

On this channel, he primarily uploads miscellaneous shorts. It got terminated alongside his main and Evil Oogway channel.

One of his backup channels, which got terminated alongside the other channels already mentioned.

Another backup channel, which it got terminated alongside the other channels already mentioned.

Originally meant to serve as a music channel under the name Yung Oogway, he would begin posting memes alongside his music. This is the only channel that wasn't terminated, and was known by the former name before being changed to Bubbi Memes on June 21, 2024.[30][31] However the account was later terminated the following day.

This was Master Oogway's first attempt at trying to comeback to YouTube after being terminated, and was created the same day Bubbi Memes got terminated. The channel had a series on the channel called "Donating one cent per new followers I gain to Palestine". The YouTuber PeepIsAwesome would make a video on his account and within hours of uploading the video, Oogway Reborn was removed, likely for ban evasion. He had 801 subscribers and 11 videos uploaded before the channel was removed.

Master Oogway would create another channel with the same name titled "Oogway Reborn" on June 30, 2024. The channel previously featured a series titled "Donating 1¢ to Palestine for every follower I get," which has been privatized or removed. The channel intends to revisit his popular "Oogway quotes", with him recieving some positive feedback for bringing it back.


  • "If there is a hole, there is a goal."
  • "Don't get tempted by these virtual women!"
  • "All of them look good, but the real master oogway is the best one we all understood."
  • "If she leaves you for another guy…then you should give her mother a try"
  • “If she does not do what you desire, then her sister you shall acquire"
  • "If she falls to the ground..... then you shall proceed to pound"
  • "If she is young and blind....then you don't have to sneak from behind"
  • (after meeting Dr. Eggman in real life) "Wanna make out?"[32]
  • (upon his return after his banishment) "Guess who's back, back again ? Oogway's back, he is a racist"

Personal life[]

Oogway is Turkish,[33] his great-great-great-great-great grandparents were slaves during the Ottoman Empire.[34]

He currently resides in Amsterdam.[35]

He owned a restaurant in Alanya, Turkey, under the name of “Flex Beach."[36] However, due to the controversy, they have announced in a response to a review that they're not associated with Oogway anymore.[37] He also owns a Mexican restaurant in Amsterdam, Netherlands under the name of “Tres Amigos"[38]


  • He has a sister.[39]
  • He hosts a Discord server where he is often active in conversations.
  • His "Bro's living life in easy mode" short went viral with more than 15 million views on YouTube.
  • Ömer loves receiving fanart of himself from viewers and often shares it on his Instagram.[40]
  • He had a merch store (which was later made defunct), where aside from selling hats and mousepads,[41] it particularly had a special section where he sells condoms.[42]


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