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Mateo and Angel Toys Review is a channel distributed by the YouTube platform, based on satire and the comedy of everyday life, which makes the viewer feel identified with the SkeTches.


Mateo and Angels Toy Review relies on entertainment, comedy and humor to create his SkeTches, leaving out stereotypes and discrimination. Her videos are based on experiences that people have in their daily lives, which makes them attract a wide audience.


On Saturdays at 12:00 (Spanish time) they premiere their SkeTches, which are short videos, generally comical, which makes it a pleasant experience for the audience. And alternately, they publish the Making-offs of the previous SkeTches.


In the cast of Mateo and Angel Toys Review they have among other actors:

  • Mateo Bouzada
  • Diego Casas
  • Isidro Blanco
  • Pablo Bouzada
  • Hector Casas
  • Gustavo Lorenzo
  • Sonia Lorenzo
  • Sofía Marroyo
  • Manuel Bouzada
  • Angel  Bouzada]
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