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Matt Jarbo (born: March 26, 1982 (1982-03-26) [age 37]), formerly known online as MundaneMatt, is a ranter from Oregon that mostly covers current events. He joined YouTube in 2009 and covers topics such as news stories, feminism, gaming, and movie reviews (now 3 Buck Theater). In 2014, he was one of the main contributors of the hashtag #GamerGate. Matt Jarbo announced he was Mundanematt when he got doxed for being friends with ReviewTechUSA (the dox was because trolls were upset with ReviewTechUSA for an issue with a sponsorship deal). He is friends with Chris Ray Gun, ReviewTechUSA, ShoeOnHead and Sargon of Akkad. He used to live in California (where he ran for Governor back in 2003) and then went back to live in his hometown of Portland, but in 2017 he moved to the suburbs of Seattle, Washington.

In December 2017, Matt became a father for the first time when his girlfriend gave birth to a baby girl. On August 2018, he was accused of false flagging and lying about it on a killstream with TheRalphRetort. On 23 December, he was again caught lying about false flagging.


WTF News

On June 18, 2013, MundaneMatt started a series called "WTF News." The series is him ranting about current news stories and giving his opinion on them. In the past, he would cover news stories but started calling certain episodes "WTF News." The title of this series was mostly based off of his reaction to the news stories. In 2015, he changed it into Weird, Wild and WTF. In October, he changed it to "Russel" for ad purposes.


On June 21, 2013, MundaneMatt came out with a special series called "Z-DAY TIPS". This was also the same day the movie "World War Z" was released. Although this lasted only one day, he managed to upload 24 videos at a rate of 1 video per hour. These videos were tips on what to do during a zombie apocalypse.

Live Streams

Because of the Ad apocalypse of 2017, Matt started Mundanechatts where he does livestreams (when he can) talking to his audience and records some of the news stories he wants to do and allows people to give money from super chats.


Matt had a presence on YouTube since 2006 when he uploaded several skits featuring him and his friends presumably during college. Matt Jarbo would eventually abanon that channel and create his current channel “MundaneMatt” on October 14th, 2009.

Much of Matt’s early content were skirs similar to his previous channel, all created by himself including tje controversial “Poley the Polar Bear” in 2011. Eventually Matt would shift his focus on politics, news, and gaming. From here Matt’s channel would grow albeit slowly at first.

During 2013-2014, Matt became friends with another YouTuber ReviewTechUSA and received a shoutout. However, Matt’s rise to fame would arguably be GamerGate and Zor Quinn. Matt produced numerous videos on the GamerGate controversy, as well as 50 videos on Anita Sarkeesian, the controversial creator of Feminist Frequency. Eventually Zoe Quinn would take down one of Matt’s video via a DMCA strike. Another bigger YouTuber brought this to attention and because of this, Matt gained a substantial boost in subscribers and followers. Matt became a face of GamerGate and throughout his career advocated for “free speech” and railed against censorship.

In 2015, GamerGate began to calm down and Matt’s viewership dipped considerably. As the 2016 election cycle began, Matt decided to join a newly emerging anti-SJW community known as the Skeptic Community. Matt would produce videos in talking about politics, would began to detract his original follower base away from his content. As his viewership stagnated in 2016, MundaneMatt’s channel also slowed down in terms of subscribers and viewership. Matt also hosted three videos for ReviewTechUSA after Rich had his son in 2016.

In 2017, rhe Adpocalypse hit YouTube and Matt decided to start livestreaminf. Matt was also embroiled in several controversies. 2017 was also the year Matt had his first daughter, a baby girl. Matt’s channel progress stalled to 160k subscribers with only a few. However during late 2017-early 2018, many YouTuber began to call out Matt for false flagging their videos critical of MundaneMatt. More drama involving Matt would eventually boil over in 2018.

In April 2018, Keemstar and MundaneMatt had a heated Twitter argument. Keemstar created a Twitter video calling Matt a “snake” and a “POS” amongst other insults. More and more complaints againdt Matt began to expand as the Summer of 2018 began. Several YouTubers had their videos taken down and/or demonetized due to the content being critical of Matt. Eventually the accusations boiled over when on August 6th, 2018, Matt decided to go on Ralph Retort’s Killstream in order to clear his name. After almost two hourd of denying his false flagging, and having heated exchanges of words with Keemstar, another user on the stream showed a way to reveal one’s report history. Matt spent 10 minutes to show his, and it was revealed that two week prior to the stream, Matt reported Dame Pesos, a YouTuber critical of Matt as well as AndyWarski. After tnis stream, MundaneMatt received huge backlash from the YouTube community and a stream of dislikes came on his video which still continue. Matt also began losing subscribers over the months and Matt currently lost well over 20,000 subscribers due to this incident. 

On December 23rd, 2018, Matt denied he false flagged other users on a livestream. This received in renewed criticism against Matt and more dislikes.

Matt’s older videos (the aforementioned Poley the Polar Bear) received backlash due to its controversial nature and usage lf racial slurs.

Matt rebranded his channel as simply Matt Jarbo in March 2019. He continues to loss subscribers and receive dislikes as a result of the controversy in August 2018.


Racist Allegations

In 2012, Matt uploaded a video on his “Poley the Polar Bear” video’s word of the day. In it, Matt dropped a racial slur. The video resurfaced in 2018 and many of Matt’s critics used this video to criticize Matt’s language. Matt soon privated the video on his main channel but it was several people did re-upload his video.

False Flagging

Matt has been accused of false flagging his critic in 2017, however during a Killstream it was revealed that Matt false flagged many other YouTubers who were critical of him. This resulted in a heated exchange between Matt and Keemstar as well as the stream in general. Matt did not immediately apologized until a month later. Matt began losing approximately 20,000 subscribers and his dislike ratio increased. As a result in present time, Matt still receives dislikes in his newest videos.

Denial of Flagging Videos

On December 23, 2018, Matt was caught lying in a stream about his false flagging campaign. This resulted on renewed criticism against Matt by his biggest critics Dame Pesos and Matt’s antagonistic relations with Tonka Saw. Matt called his critics “fake news” and this resulted in more backlash with many calling Matt indenial and also accused him of rescinding his apology.


  • Matt ran for a political office in California in 2003.
  • Despite the fact Matt promoted free speech during his GamerGate videos, Matt himself flagged videos deemed critical him in order to take down said videos of him.
  • Matt is currently on very bad terms with Keemstar, predating even before the Killstream. 
  • Matt is a member of the Liberty Insanity livestream
  • Matt is affialited with other YouTubers such as Kraut, and ReviewTechUSA. 
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