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Matthew Lush (born ​July 1, 1988 [age 29]​), known on YouTube as GayGod or Lush, is a vlogger. he was born in Long Island, New York. He is Vegan. He currently resides in California. Lush has 2 older siblings, a brother and a sister, and a younger brother.

Personal life

When Matthew was 5 years old, he stated that his father went to jail for doing very bad things. When Matt was in High School, he claims that he shut the world out because he was bullied. According to Matt, the bullying has taken a toll on his life and still is affected by it to this day. But, if you compare his older videos to his newer ones, you can tell that he is much happier than he used to be.

YouTube Channels


On February 4. 2006, young teenager by the name of Matthew Lush created a YouTube channel under the name GayGod. His earliest videos on this channel revolved around him (and occasionally friends) dancing around and lipsyncing songs. These videos got mildly popular views but it wasn't until Gay God sings to Vengaboys: Boom Boom Boom Boom that really sparked his popularity. After this, he started to post gay, vegan, and vlogging videos. Some of the most popular videos from this time period (2006 - 2007) are Coming Out, Death Threats, & For the Pervs. For the Pervs, is not one of of his most viewed videos but is very well know with the older fans and some newer ones as well. Why?? Because the song he dances to in the video is the intro and outro song for his Lush Channel. Matthew is not the most popular gay YouTuber anymore, but he was definitely one of the first. In his own words is states "I was one of the first people to be like, Hey I'm gay and I don't care what you think!" On June 15, 2018, Youtube terminated the GayGod Youtube channel following many third-party claims of Copywrite Infringement. Matthew posted this on his Snapchat Story. 


The Lush channel was created on November 16, 2005. This is his Vlogging channel that used to showcase vlogs with his (ex) boyfriend Nick Laws, but then it became a vlogging channel for only Matthew. Matthew uploaded his last video on the channel on October 3, 2017. This channel has since been dormant.