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McBirken is a Commentator
McBirken plays video games
McBirken is from the United States
McBirken is male
McBirken created their account in 2020
McBirken is a Content Creator on YouTube

McBirken (born: January 8, 2002 (2002-01-08) [age 20]) is an American gaming YouTuber and Twitch streamer and is known for his Minecraft related content, being the most popular are his "Minecraft Manhunt, But ___" videos which gained a ton of views and attraction from the Minecraft community.

His content consists of Minecraft challenges, Skits, "MInecraft But ___" videos and Minecraft collaboration videos with his friends such as, Mongo and Meep. His first uploaded and currently public video is "Dream's Face Reveal Be Like" which was uploaded on 6th of October 2020.


McBirken started his YouTube channel in 25th of July in 2020 but started uploading in early October 2020 and uploaded his second video a day after. He currently has 36 videos but probably has some videos unlisted or privated videos. His first ever video he uploaded on his channel went viral and got 950K+ views, The video was about the popular YouTuber Dream with 18 Million Subscribers and the video included some of Dream's friends such as Sapnap, BadBoyHalo and GeorgeNotFound. His videos continued to get lots of support and attraction. In the first month of uploading he uploaded a total of 7 videos and got a total of 6.6 Million views across all 7 videos.


McBirken uploaded a lot of videos about Dream SMP or mainly Dream SMP skits/meme videos of the members like Dream, TommyInnit and others.

He started uploading "Minecraft But ___" videos in mid November of 2020 and the first "Minecraft But ___" video he uploaded was "Minecraft Manhunt but if I Die the Hunters LOSE" which gone viral gaining 5.8 Million views and it was his most popular video even until now. and he continued making these type of videos until present day.