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Meat is from the United States
Meat is from Japan
Meat is from Brazil
Meat is from Canada
Meat is from Australia
Meat is from the Netherlands
Meat is from Estonia
Meat is from Germany
Meat is male
Meat is female
Meat created their account in 2014
Meat is a Content Creator on YouTube

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meat, formerly known as meatsleep, is a channel that joined YouTube on 28 March, 2014. The channel is composed of eleven people, each from eight different countries. The eleven people are known by their first names as Jay, Melissa, Steven, Josh, Peter, Markus, George, Naoki, Tom, Lena, and Brian. The account has attracted the attention of thousands, and they have garnered a fanbase dedicated to solve the mystery of who Meat is, what message they are trying to convey through their videos, and what the story is that is being told. Themes in many of their videos include cannibalism, stalking, and kidnapping.

On 23 March, 2014, a video titled "新的皮肤" (Chinese for "new skin") was anonymously uploaded to the website The video has the same style as Meat videos and other sewnkin videos, and seems to have been filmed in the same locations. The next day, this video was reuploaded by Tenole Beking to Kubosava, now retitled "Beginning" in Russian.

On 28 March, 2014, Meatsleep joined YouTube and uploaded the first (known) video titled "fournine." On 19 April, 2014, Meat reuploaded three of the original seven Sewnkin videos: "sewnkin 1” as “circle” (now "新しいスキン"), “sewnkin 3” as “ₛₑ⍒⎍ⓚ⑊⭔”, and “sewnkin 5” as “foreverhome.” On 24 May, 2014, Meat uploaded a video called "BIRTHRIGHT." This video was then reuploaded by Tenole Beking to Kubosava and retitled it "Excellence" in Russian.

In the summer of 2014, Kubosava was reuploading all of Meat's videos, usually a day or two after the original date of publication.[1]

On 2 October, 2015, Meat released a video titled 飧 飧 飧 飧 飧 飧 飧 飧 飧, in which the transcript is a reference to the sewnkin video "Five hundred fifty-five thousand five hundred fifty five."


The YouTube account "Sewnkin" joined YouTube before 17 March, 2014. They began uploading videos in a series titled "sewn kin." The account became notorious on 4chan and by 20 March, 2014, they discovered the YouTube account was deleted. 4chan reported that sewnkin uploaded "about 6 videos." However, there are (so far) eight confirmed videos to be from the sewn kin series. The YouTube account "AmetamaAh" is known for reposting these videos from the sewn kin series onto their own YouTube account, retitling them "sewn kin 1" through "sewn kin 7." All but the first video are unlisted, but in the description of each video, there is a link to the next video in the sequence. "sewn kin 9" video was made as a joke and is unrelated to the original seven. Sewn kin 8 was thought to be an actual sewnkin video but was called out by meat for being fake.

References To Meatsleep

The YouTube account Meatsleep has been connected to the YouTube account "sewn kin." Meatsleep's Twitter account was registered as "sewnkin." Although Meat has never reposted a "sewnkin" video, the series is referenced on multiple occations in Meat's videos. The following is a list of videos that have referenced "sewn kin."

  • "fournine" - In the video, the letters for "sewnkin" are highlighted in an online article. Also, the letters for "sewnkin" are spelled out on the screen shortly before a jumpscare.
  • "render" - A spectrogram of the video shows the word "SEWNKIN" upside-down, as well as a hexadecimal code that translates to "i am still alive."
  • "l'attaque" - The film opens with a title card that reads "新しいスキン SEWN KIN INTERNATIONAL."
  • "AVupoPQwvpl" - The text "S EWN KIN" is typed on the screen in the video.
  • "amekuluk migiallunsâtuinnalittuk" - A spectrogram of the video shows text that says "NO MEATSLEEP ONLY SEWNKIN."
  • [TTTTTTTTTTTmog" - The same title card as the video "l'attaque."
  • "9grouse再発]] - The description of the video was the title of the video as well as "sewnkin."
  • "210 · 37 · 53 · 7 · 11 · 23 = 495766656000]]" - The video shows a typing program with the words "NO MEATSLEEP ONLY SEWNKIN" and "NO SEWNKIN ONLY MEATSLEEP" being typed on the screen. Also, the description of the video was the hashtag "sewnkin."
  • "⛼" - The Facebook account "Meatsleep Sewnkin" is reported to Sewnkin as a possible impostor.
  • "No More." - Meat's final video explains that three people from two countries were behind the Sewnkin channel.

Other possible references

  • "新しいスキン (circle)" - A sign that reads "NEW SKIN" is seen, which is believed to be the anagram for "sewnkin."
  • "飧 飧 飧 飧 飧 飧 飧 飧 飧" - During the speech in the video, it is possible that the voice said "sewn kin."
  • "新しいスキン" - The title of the video is Japanese for "new skin."
  • "atarashii sukin" - The title of the video is phonetic Japanese for "new skin."

Tenole Beking

Tenole Beking is a user on the Russian social media website VK. Between 19-22 of March, 2014, they uploaded seven videos in an open group page called "Kubosava." The videos were all titled in Russian, and they were reuploads of the original Sewnkin videos. In English, they are all respectively called "new skin," "Five hundred fifty-five thousand five hundred fifty five," "Hate," "Approch," "Cruelty," "Incest," and "Shen Sammersayd." All of the videos were uploaded on 20 March except for “Incest”, which is uploaded 19 March. All videos are added to Kubosava on 22 March.


Kubosava (originally Kubosava Logs) is a group page created on the Russian social media website VK. Tenole Beking is a notable user and the only contact in the group. Between 19-22 of March, 2014, they uploaded seven videos in the group page Kubosava. The group page currently has seventy members. It was active between 22 March, 2014 and 3 November, 2014. They made a total of twenty-three posts, which consisted of three photos, nine videos, and eleven text posts.

The short description of the page is "WE ARE STILL ALIVE," which seems to be referenced in Meatsleep's video render. The long description of the page is "Записи Кубосавы. Проект Sewn Kin. Япония и Китай. 481." which translates to "Kubosava Logs. Project Sewn Kin. Japan and China. 481."[2]

Meatsleep's Connections

On 19 April, 2014, Meat reuploaded four of the original seven Kubosava videos: “New skin” as “circle” (now "新しいスキン"), "Approach" as "snwe;ubyw," “Hate” as “ₛₑ⍒⎍ⓚ⑊⭔”, and “Cruelty” as “foreverhome.” On 24 May, 2014, Meat uploaded a video called "BIRTHRIGHT" This video was then reuploaded by Tenole Beking to Kubosava and retitled it "Excellence" in Russian.

In the summer of 2014, Kubosava was reuploading all of Meat's videos, usually a day or two after the original date of publication.

On 2 October, 2015, Meat released a video titled "飧 飧 飧 飧 飧 飧 飧 飧 飧," in which the transcript is a reference to the Kubosava video "Five hundred fifty-five thousand five hundred fifty five."

On 4 October, 2015, Meat released as video titled "sallutujuq," in which Meat lists both the names of Tenole Beking and Kubosava. It was rumoured to be a call-out list, but it could just be a credits list.

Meatsleep Purge of 2015

In November of 2015, Meatsleep removed all of his videos on his YouTube account, except for one: "circle." The purge lasted from 6 November to 10 December in 2015.


Meatsleep's YouTube account has been active since 28 March, 2014. Meat had released a total of sixty videos by the end of October of 2015. However, Meat only had twenty-seven videos on the account before the purge.


Meat removed all but one video on his channel on 6 November, 2015. The remaining video was "circle." The cumulative views of the remaining video boosted by 655% following the purge.

Meat's viewers were well-prepared for the takedown, because most of them are used to the pattern of their video's publications and removals. Many archives are available online that have been collecting the videos uploaded by Meatsleep. These archives, such as Meatsleep Archives, were temporarily the only way to view Meatsleep videos after the purge.

On 28 November, 2015, Meat publicised their video "wolf." The re-addition of the video boosted the cumulative views by 191%. On 29 November, 2015, Meat published a new video titled "Asleep See." As the video was up, Meat temporarily made all of the videos that were private public. "Asleep See" was then changed to private, as well as all of the other videos, leaving only "circle" and "wolf" the only videos on the channel.

On 3 December, 2015, a new video titled "新しいスキン" was released. The video was up for only thirty minutes before being removed. The title of the video "circle" was then changed to "新しいスキン." The video "wolf" was then removed once again on 4 December, 2015.

On 10 December, 2015, Meatsleep publicised 14 videos, leaving a total of 15 videos on the channel with the inclusion of "新しいスキン." The videos were:

  • ‡i‡n⁜g‡r‡a‡t‡e‡
  • ⏄⏅⏃▲▴◬◭ ᑭᒍᑕᐃᖅᐹ
  • ᛋᛝᛩᚹᛓᚱᛅᛁᛖᚭ
  • Walk In The Park
  • martober
  • FlotsamJetsamLiganDerelict
  • this is not a coda
  • commencement
  • bonhomme sept heures
  • devil in the house
  • render
  • ∅ᚨ℉∡∟
  • 666163696c697364657363656e737573617665726e6f

This officially concluded the end of the purge.


Nobody really knows why Meat would do this, but there are a few assumptions:

  • Meat wants his viewers to focus on those particular videos and reconsider what they think the meaning is.
  • Meat is restarting the cycle of his channel, beginning with "circle."
  • Meat is testing his subscribers by uploading and deleting videos at an unpredictable rate.
  • Meat is giving his videos with the lowest views a boost in viewership by making them the only available videos to watch.
  • Meatsleep was being overwhelmed by people from Mr. Nightmare and Scaretheater, and to keep themselves at ease, they removed most of their videos


Multiple Users theory

A recent theory states that multiple people may be running the channel Meat. Locations in many of their videos are Japan and Canada, which is what sparked the theory. This was later proven to be true, based upon the video "No More."

Serial Killer theory

The most popular theory about Meat is that the user is a serial killer, more specifically a cannibal, which is where the title came from. The user may also be a stalker or kidnapper, which is an apparent theme in many of their videos as well.

ARG theory

Many theories also suggest that Meat may just be an Alternate Reality Game, or ARG for short. An ARG is an interactive networked narrative that uses the real world as a platform and uses transmedia storytelling to deliver a story that may be altered by players' ideas or actions.

Nickum theory

A woman named Jordyn Nickum was theorised to be the person behind the YouTube account. Her YouTube channel was a featured channel on Meat's YouTube account. She only uploaded one video, titled "Sick Puppy Crying For Help." The video was of a 6 week old chihuahua puppy named Bailey, which was sick with something Nickum would not state. Nickum set up a GoFundMe fundraiser to raise $500 for her dog to get medical attention. The fundraiser only raised $35 before being taken down, which led to the take down of the video and her YouTube account. She explained that she was getting harassed for supposedly swindling money from people, as well as having people ask about her connection with Meat, and some people calling her a "serial killer" in the comments.

She, however, has denied this claim. Nickum expressed genuine fear that a "serial killer" is linked to her, and she explained she doesn't know who Meat is and has nothing to do with them. A friend of hers explained on Twitter that she is not involved with Meat and is afraid of the whole situation.

Prank Gone Wrong Theory

This theory spawned from the video titled 'No More', in which whoever was typing stated that it was all harmless at first, but then got ugly. Maybe the channel was all a harmless joke with every video going through heavy editing, but the content was getting boring, so the people working with Meat got real victims to torture, and threatened the channel owner with death if he didn't upload the videos. Then finally put it to a stop. However, there may be something happening between March and October of 2016, as one video is titled 'Martober'. Maybe a new Meatsleep or Sewnkin channel will spawn!

Reoccurring Themes

Repeated themes in many of Meat's videos:

  • Multiple references to Canada in many of the films
  • The phrase "sewn kin," an anagram for "new skin."
  • Meatsleep's titles and comments are often in different languages
  • Warped audio and/or footage (harsh editing)
  • Many cryptic/hidden messages, some visible in the videos, and some only visible through spectrogram.
  • Meatsleep is notorious for deleting videos, sometimes minutes after publication.
  • Pleonasm, the use of more words or parts of words than is necessary for clear expression
  • Jumpscares. This is an effect that is rarely used, but jumpscares have been seen in the videos "martober", "fournine", "commencement," and "sallutujuq."


  • In January of 2016, the Meatsleep YouTube channel was reported to the vigilante group Anonymous due to concerns that real crimes were being flaunted. Approximately one week later, all of the channel's previous videos were taken down and the infamous "No More." video was uploaded.
  • Meatsleep is a group of eleven people living in eight separate countries, as revealed in the video "No More." Those eleven people are known by their first names as Jay, Melissa, Steven, Josh, Peter, Markus, George, Naoki, Tom, Lena, and Brian. Of those people, Melissa, Peter, and George were in charge of the @sewnkin Twitter account. These eleven participants live in one of the eight countries: Japan, Germany, Estonia, Netherlands, United States of America, Canada, Australia, and Brazil.
  • The programs used to produce Meat's videos are: Anvil Studio for composition, kden live for editing, and Audacity for audio and music.[3]
  • All of the decisions based upon the story of Meatsleep were based upon the roll of a dice. Decisions such as who films the video, who makes the audio, who edits the video, and the use of rumours in the videos were settled using a dice. Other decisions that add to the story such as gender, participants, and whether or not Meatsleep is a cannibal, rapist, kidnapper, or oddball were also decided using this system.


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