MeatCanyon has more than One Million Subscribers
MeatCanyon creates skits and sketch videos
MeatCanyon is an Animator
MeatCanyon is an Artist
MeatCanyon is male
MeatCanyon is from the United States
MeatCanyon created their account in 2015
MeatCanyon is a Content Creator on YouTube

Hunter August Hancock, better known online as MeatCanyon, is an American YouTuber, animator, voice actor, comedian, writer, and director who makes parody animations of popular characters, which some of them have described these animations as "horrifying" and "disturbing" to his viewers.

He is well-known for his animations "Wabbit Season", "JUST BEYOND THE GOLDEN ARCHES", "When you wish upon a star" (his most viewed video), "Jawbreaker", etc.


He uploaded his first video "Magic Man" on January 27, 2017.

Wabbit Season Copyright

Wabbit Season on YouTube within three hours got copyrighted by Warner Bros. Pictures, deleting the video entirely on YouTube, giving MeatCanyon a copyright strike, and legally claiming the video to the company. MeatCanyon has responded to the deletion with the video "RIP Wabbit Season", which is a video with the characters within the MeatCanyon videos, with Eddy from Ed, Edd n Eddy giving a speech on Bugs Bunny's funeral. Fans gave their condolences to the video.


  • He is known for his unique impersonations of various cartoon characters.
  • He has collaborated with various actors and YouTubers.
  • A common running gag in his videos that something drawn normal gets killed or gets the worst of it.
  • He and Flashgitz made a podcast known as Cream Crew where they discuss various topics.
    • The first podcast episode was released September 26, 2020.
  • MrBeast commented on one of his videos
  • He now has his own cartoon on his YouTube channel called "Monster Lab." The show currently only has 3 episodes.
  • Various YouTubers (CoryxKenshin for example) had reacted to his horrifying videos.
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