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MegaPVP (also known as Mega) is a Canadian Minecraft PVP YouTuber. He has played Minecraft for a little over 7 years. Mega's age is unknown but we do know he is underage as referenced in a video on Skeppy's second channel (Skep). and his content is focused on Minecraft PVP montages and collabs with other content creators such as Skeppy. He is also known for being a Manager on the Minecraft server InvadedLands and a Former Developer/Manager on a Minecraft Practice server - MinemenClub. He also has a secondary channel called MegaFPS where he uploads games that are non-related to Minecraft and are in the FPS genre. It has 2.2K subscribers as of August 6, 2020.

Rise To Fame

MegaPVP got attention after consistently being featured in Skeppy and Zelk's videos. He occasionally helps Skeppy or Zelk troll other YouTubers such as a6d, BadBoyHalo, and Spifey. He is also often known as the "mute" in Skeppy's channel, since he has never talked before on video, resulting in being a common victim of Skeppy's trolls. Since then Mega has gotten a large following on social media and has been loved by many on Twitter. According to Skeppy in a recent video, he first met Mega while the latter was hacking on InvadedLands, but later managed to become staff.


InvadedLands is a Minecraft server run and operated by Skeppy and Neon. InvadedLands is a very popular server on Minecraft due to Skeppy having 3 million subscribers on YouTube and posts videos daily on the server with Mega and Zelk. Mega and Zelk are Managers on InvadedLands. Skeppy will sometimes troll him by aggravating him, though the trolls often backfire. He also sometimes gets trolled by Zelk in his videos.


TheSplashMC is a Minecraft survival server owned by MegaPvP and Skeppy. TheSplashMC has a small community and average players of 20-30. This server became public after Skeppy made a video about this server. It currently can host up to 150 players at a time.

Identity & Voice

MegaPVP is known for not recording his voice. There is not a single recording of him talking or showing himself. According to Skeppy, he once heard him breathing heavily through his mic during a recording, and has heard him say "Hi" around 5 years ago. Mega has come out and said this is false before. On May, 21st 2020, Skep made a video called MEGAPVP VOICE REVEAL...? where Mega and Skeppy do sets of challenges and if Skeppy wins, Mega has to do a voice reveal. Mega won in the end, but Skeppy did tell everyone to like a tweet where Mega agreed to do a voice reveal if the tweet hit 49,999 likes. At 5:30 am EST on May, 22nd 2020 the tweet hit 49,999 likes however the MegaPVP Voice reveal hasn't been released yet. Skeppy did once do a stream where someone by the name of Darklordx89 called him on skype, which arose his suspicions that MegaPVP was Dylan, a friend of Darklord. Whether or not this theory is true or not has not yet been confirmed by anyone. It is unlikely though, as Skeppy used the Amorosa account in one of his videos. There is one video on Youtube that could be his true voice but that isn't confirmed yet.

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