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Meredith O'Connor (born: July 12, 1995 (1995-07-12) [age 24]), is a former child actress and model. In 2013, O'Connor uploaded "Celebrity", bringing her to internet fame. She signed with Kenny Ortiz and toured the world. She has a cult following and was rumored to be dating another YouTuber. She is From New York and resides in Los Angeles. Her second big video was on VEVO titled "Just The thing" starring Luke Bilyk from Degrassi. Her music has helped millions because of her anti bullying message. She was a victim of severe bullying as recalled in several interviews and during live performances.

She has also been recognized for her work by the United States Congress and the City of Los Angeles. Meredith O'Connor is honored to serve on the Advisory Board of the UN NGO for Sustainable Development, NY. The singer-songwriter, Actress and former Model is currently based in Los Angeles, and New York.

Rise to Fame

Meredith began her career as a model. Her first music video for the song "Celebrity" went viral, and her music was then featured on Teen Nick, followed by sold out shows and packed houses on tour.

Appearances in Film

Meredith O'Connor had recently appeared as one of the celebrity cameos alongside Garrett Clayton, Jon Header and many others in Lionsgate's 'Los Huevos' US version. She also had cameos alongside Drake Bell in 'Bunny Bravo' of Superdope TV. Recently, Arianna Huffington's Thrive had announced the development of the autobiography feature based on the life of Meredith O'Connor telling the true story of how her music has impacted fans, directed by Ilyssa Goodman with Garrett Clayton and Addison Rickie playing Meredith as a child.


Before Meredith was signed for her first single leading to her career as a recording artist, she was signed by Model Management Group based in New York City, and then signed her first contract the next year. After that, she did modeling work for companies including Lord & Taylor.

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