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Face Reveal. Merryweathery Comics on March 2020.

Merryweather Comics (also known as Merryweatherey) is a Japanese YouTuber who uploads animation and comic shorts of his original works from a South Korean website Webtoon to YouTube. He handles the production of his stories at Webtoon and his YouTube Channel since mid-2018, and he often has collaborators who handled story art and voice cast roles in Japanese or English language.

His comics feature mostly moe anthropomorphism characters from internet browsers, applications, memes, smartphone gadgets, or gaming consoles, prominently Internet Explorer-chan, an anime version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer released in August 1995.

Before he began his YouTube channel, he began writing comics since the 2012 Danish Genki convention, according to the ON THE AIR interview from WEBTOON.

Notable works

As of September 2020, only 5 Merryweatherey's Webtoon canvas works reached over 1 or 4+ million likes, and all of these listed are featured in his YouTube channel, with the exception of My Succubus Girfriend (2017).

Internet Explorer

A Webtoon original comic first created by Merryweathery on August 22, 2018.

It focuses on Internet Explorer-chan as the protagonist, with Google Chrome as the main antagonist in Internet Explorer-chan Webtoon series. The two began pitting each other in competition, often escalating into action and suspense, which this story is composed in mostly comedy & drama.

In popular belief, Internet Explorer used to be the most widely used web browser during the 1990s to early 2000s, until the market shares declined due to the releases of Mozilla Firefox in 2004, and then Google Chrome in 2008, with Google Chrome topping all the markets by 72% of its shares at its peak, and the increasing usage of iOS and Android smartphones, that does not support Internet Explorer, This was believed to be one of the reasons why these two anthropomorphic characters hated each other.

The relationships of these two internet browsers in Webtoon vary in gender, as with the female version, who had been enemies and are trying to destroy each other, while in the comic book short that was released in YouTube on April 2, 2020 , the relationship in a form of masculines, described by Merryweather Comics himself as a yaoi relationship.

Stalker x Stalker

Began on December 5, 2018, Stalker x Stalker focuses on two yandere stalkers, Yukio and Junko, as they encountered each other and fell in love. The story art is made by Princess Hinghoi, the same one who also manages story art on Webtoon's Internet Explorer. It currently has over 4.1 million likes as of September 9, 2020, being the most popular in Merryweatherey's webtoon profile.

Clinic of Horrors

The summary of the story says: "In a strange city, there is a clinic that will treat the victims of horrific diseases. For a price." This story was first created in March 7, 2019. This Webtoon comic series features Bianca Abercrombie and Dr. Albright as their main characters. 

Meme Girls

Since it's inception on June 3, 2019, Meme Girls contain all the anthropomorphism female characters derived from well-known internet browsers, applications, memes, mobile gadgets, and consoles.

My Succubus Girlfriend

This story features Izumo Houryuuji, a high school student, and Anastasia von Drakenvell, a succubus; as their main characters of the story. The original comic, with its comic art made by Yoshitaka Maki, has hit over 2.1 million likes since its inception on October 2, 2017. However, there was a newer version , which first appeared on June 14, 2020. That 2020 version has currently over 163 thousand likes. The story artist of the new version is, Joakim Waller (whom he first met with at the Genki Convention in 2012.)

However, despite being in the most popular list, that 2017 version was not featured in Merryweather Comics YouTube Channel. As a result of a new and updated version of My Succubus Girlfriend, that series is canceled and doesn't receive any new episodes since (yet it continued to exist to this day).


  • The only videos to have the English language is "Moth-Chan Outside Your Window ", and "Scottish Pokemon Trainer (as of early-2020)"
  • On April 28, 2020, Merryweather Comics had just opened a new merchandise store.
  • In the video by Webtoon, the person running Merryweather Comics is revealed to be a male. Up until March 27, 2020, when that video was published to Webtoon's YT channel, many thought that this channel is female, probably caused by the usage of female Japanese/English voice actors, and that Internet Explorer-chan used as a mascot character for his image/channel icon of the YouTube channel.
    • There was also his first video (last posted on November 2018; which is currently Unlisted), which shows the real male voice.
  • His real name is not yet known.
  • He is capable of speaking English, other than his native Japanese language.

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