Micarah Nicole Tewers (born: May 19, 1995 [age 25]) is an American YouTuber based around vlogging, sewing, and comedy. She joined YouTube on January 15, 2010, but didn't start uploading videos until April 5, 2017. Her first video wasn't actually about sewing; Tewers' first video on the topic was uploaded on September 29, 2017. Most of Micarah's videos are about sewing, cosplay, and historically accurate outfits for fun, as well as keeping her videos full of her chaotic sense of humor whilst also mixing in vlog-style content of her pets and family life. In 2018, she entered a recycle designing contest which required her to make a dress out of recyclable items and subsequently won the contest.

Personal Life

Micarah Nicole Tewers grew up in Ohio. She has been homeschooled her whole life and did not pursue higher education through college or university. She has always had a love for all things Barbie, including having the nickname of the beloved doll during her childhood.

Her birthday is May 19 1995. That would make her a Taurus.

While Tewers stays relatively neutral and doesn't usually mention politics, she has mentioned that she does not support President Trump[1], but does not judge or hate on any of his supporters. 

She is 5’11” or 180cm and she makes lots of comments and jokes about her height.

Micarah moved back to Ohio because of the COVID-19 pandemic and revealed she bought a house in February 2021.

In March 2021 she revealed that she is engaged to a man named Joe who she has liked since she was five.

It is most likely that she is Christian, as she has made many references to Christianity, included many shots of her own bible, stating that she worked as a camp counselor at a church camp, briefly discussing the church that she has attended for the "last 24 years", and going to church on Sunday during her vlogging trip around the United States.

In Micarah's free time, she likes to sew and hang out with her friends including the Markley family.

She occasionally will sew little outfits and used to dress up roadkill. Her reasoning being that she wanted to make people laugh when they pass it because it's an animal wearing clothes instead of being sad that it died.

Youtube Career

In 2018, Micarah quit her job at her local Hobby Lobby, where she worked in the fabric section, until she could be a full-time YouTuber.

In late 2019, Tewers finally fulfilled her dream of owning an RV, which she named "S.S. La'trexa". She planned to live in it and travel to warmer climates after renovating the vehicle. [2]

Longing to live in a warmer climate, she moved to an RV Park in Florida in January 2020[3] and lived there with her mom over the duration of the winter season to avoid the cold weather, while continuing to practice her passion for sewing. She returned to Ohio at some point in April 2020.


She has published two RV renovation videos Full RV Makeover / Tour and RV Bathroom Makeover.

She revealed in Full RV Makeover / Tour that she bought her second RV "Rudy"

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