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Michael Does Life is a Commentator
Michael Does Life plays video games
Michael Does Life is a Reviewer
Michael Does Life is from the United States
Michael Does Life is male
Michael Does Life created their account in 2011
Michael Does Life is a Content Creator on YouTube

Michael Does Life (birthday: September 26)[1] is an American YouTuber, well known for his eye catching and unique thumbnails on his videos. He is also brutally critical of franchises such as the Resident Evil series from Capcom, and The Last of Us from Naughty Dog. He is also hilarious in general, due to his over the top antics, and his act of putting a shirt over his head climax to bookend his clips.

Sometimes, he does live streams with his mate, Dillon in the Details, where they take Skype calls from viewers, and roast the fake fans. Michael sometimes does solo outdoor streams as well.


  • "You were too busy doing stupid, silly crap like that, that at the end of the day, is going to get you nowhere!"
  • "Oh, Michael!"
  • "I've been with this franchise since day one!" You, on the other hand? Well, you came from Fortnite... and now you think you have that certified badge!"
  • "I tried telling you fake fans, that the cracks were indeed starting to show."
  • "You don't care. You never have and you never will, because you were too busy going... UH-HUH-HUH-HUH. UH-HUH-HUH!" SHUT IT DOWN!"
  • "Oh, Michael. You don't know what you're talking about!"
  • "This all-new edition of Resident Evil 2! And this all-new edition of Resident Evil 3!"
  • "No, you need to call Dr. Phil!"
  • "How does it feels to be a part, of the Losers Club? It must be so incredibly sad". 
  • "DUH!"
  • "HUH??!!??"
  • "Believe me, I can tell you"
  • "Oh mackle, you want me to swallow that horsepill??!"
  • "GO BACK TO V"
  • "Kiss my foot"
  • "Kiss my ass, officially part of the kiss my ass club"
  • "Your ass is in the straight jacket"
  • "You voted for hilary clinton!"
  • "ITS OVER!"
  • "You snoy fanboys continue to lose, and lose, and lose, on a daily basis!"
  • "Oh mackle, you don't like what i like? Well, I'm gonna get the pitchfork out and put my BOOT up yo ass"