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Michaelmcchill is a Commentator
Michaelmcchill plays video games
Michaelmcchill is a Musician
Michaelmcchill is a Reviewer
Michaelmcchill is a Vlogger
Michaelmcchill is from the United States
Michaelmcchill is male
Michaelmcchill created their account in 2008
Michaelmcchill is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Michael Fulton (born: August 4, 1996 (1996-08-04) [age 25])[2], better known online as Michaelmcchill, is an American Twitch streamer, YouTuber and musician known for his variety streams on Twitch. He is currently an active member of the Dream SMP.

Michael currently is the founder and host of Raising the Bar, a charity event usually ran for Crisis Text Line. He is also a part of the 7 man content creator group, Roughhouse, formerly known as Team Chunk Error.

Personal life

Michael has a girlfriend named Ellen (also known as CrowWing15) and a tabby cat named Leela.


Michael started streaming on Twitch very early in Twitch's lifespan, stopped, and then started full-time in 2018, gaining popularity starting with SMPLive in 2019.


Minecraft Servers

Some servers that Michaelmcchill participated on SMPLive, SMPEarth, AnotherSMP (owned by him and Pokay), RoughhouseSMP, EpicSMP, Minecraft SMP (owned by him and Krinios), and Dream SMP.


Michael is also known to play some other games other than Minecraft, such as Overcooked with his girlfriend, Rocket League, and he used to do Mario64 speedruns. He also does "React Andy" content, where he reacts to certain videos like 5 Minute Crafts.


Michael used to upload Runescape videos, while his channel used to be stream highlights, the only semi-active channel right now is the Michaelmcchill VODs channel.


  • He was a video editor for AntVenom and worked with Lifewire.
  • Has a mascot named Alesa, voiced by AllanahVAFitzy.
  • His official artists are Osidinum and Avizenith.
  • His cat Leela is 2 years old.
  • A popular clip of Michaelmcchill went viral on TikTok of him singing along to "Mamma Mia" during MCC Parkour.
  • If chat tells him what to do on stream, he won't do it, out of spite.