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Hey, guys, Micheal P here.

―Micheal P's intro

Micheal P (Birthday: July 11) is an American YouTuber who became known for his screams. He had been featured in multiple Roblox compilations and a variety of meme compilations, and especially used as a sound effect. The videos themselves consist of him having very high boost audio and screaming at some points of time.


He records videos using unregistered Hypercam and a very low-quality microphone. In every single video, Micheal screams into the mic due to various different things, such as in-game deaths/fails, inappropriate objects/words, jumpscares, and sometimes overexcitement.

Micheal has currently uploaded 27 videos, has over 90,000 subscribers, and has 7 million views. He also has a Twitter account and a Twitch channel.