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Hey, guys, Micheal P here.

―Micheal P's intro

Micheal P (Birthday: July 11, 2005 [Age: 13]) is an American YouTuber who became known for his screams. He had been featured in multiple Roblox compilations and a variety of meme compilations, and especially used as a sound effect. The videos themselves consist of him having very high boost audio and screaming at some points of time.


He records videos using unregistered Hypercam and a very low-quality microphone. In most of his videos, Micheal screams into the mic due to various different things, such as in-game deaths/fails, inappropriate objects/words, jumpscares, and sometimes overexcitement. He also has a Twitter account, Newgrounds account, and a Twitch channel.


Micheal P's first video was a Roblox video titled, "roblox inappropriate place!!!!!!!!!.avi", starting the "roblox inappropriate place!!!!!!!!!" series. Most of these videos are age-restricted, due to containing sexual content. Since June 25th, 2018, Micheal has stopped creating these types of videos. 

Micheal continued to create Roblox videos but also created more vlog-styled videos and satrical reviews. He has called certain vlogs "P-Logs", though he hasn't made a P-Log since August 31st, 2018. He has also started to play different games other than Roblox, such as Halo (with his friend Alex), Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and New Super Mario Bros.

Since September 4th, 2018, Micheal has strayed away from uploading gameplay and has screamed a lot less in his videos, the content he was originally known for. Instead, Micheal P continues to create vlog-styled videos, satrical tutorials (though some tutorials actually work), and other random content. On December 11th, 2018, Micheal went on a 3 month hiatus due to his mom supposedly losing her job and not being able to pay for internet bills.

Starting April 6th, 2019, Micheal has supposedly ran away from home due to his mom being alcoholic and not being able to buy him Takis. He has titled this series "runing away cuz my mom is a stupid and wont buy me takis". Micheal even made a satrical diss-track against his mom before he left. It is unknown if Micheal truly ran away from his home and if these statements about his mom are actually true.


  • When he played Sonic Adventure, he revealed that he has a fear of whales. , though this may have been a joke for the video.