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MileyMandy is Miley Cyrus YouTube channel that she shares with Manny Jiraoux. They make videos that include themselves and others. in 2013 they stopped making YouTube videos.


They used to post funny YouTube videos where they would just talk about stuff, or be silly, or do skits. The girls met when Mandy booked a job as one of Miley’s back up dancers. The two quickly became friends, and Mandy ended up dancing on award shows and going on two of Miley’s tours.

Shut Down

Eventually they stopped making videos, and while Miley maintained her place as a household name, we kind of forgot about Mandy. Miley found other BFFs, filmed movies, recorded new music and made twerk the most overused word of 2013.

Well Mandy didn't just disappear completely. She joined a girl group called BG5, danced for Sky Blu, and released her own song called Speakers Boom. She also posted on Twitter and Instagram a lot.

Then this week Mandy decided to upload a video of herself to the mileymandy channel. Miley wasn’t in the video (obviously), and Mandy basically just used it to remind everyone that she was still around. It worked for us. So here’s what she looks like now.