Gaming 2019 YouTuber

Military Dave is a Roblox YouTuber who makes clickbait Free Robux videos. His videos are usually just him talking about the new ways to get Robux, and usually, none of them work. He uses fake promo codes, gift cards that nobody has confirmed are real, and the usually subscribe to get Robux gimmick.

Military Dave has made videos with Yummers, another Roblox YouTuber who uploads the exact same content as he does. Military Dave and Yummers have been rumored to be brothers, or friends. 

Military Dave started his channel with some very strange videos, they included his feet in strange places such as a toilet or drain. He shouts about Yummers being mean to him and tricking him, even though it is set up. Military Dave's channel gained almost no subscribers, until he started clickbaiting. His channel has grown by a huge amount, from starting in April 2019 to having almost 150K in January 2020.

Military Dave is no longer at war with Yummers, however, he still has a dislike for the small YouTuber PurPurPiller, who has made edits of both Yummers and Military Dave.

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