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The main idea of this channel is to have fun and bring happiness in times when it is needed.


MilosTV is a Brazilian gaming YouTuber. He is named after Ricardo Milos, a man mostly known for his dancing video which became one of the most famous memes of 2018 and 2019.

Though this internet personality resembles Ricardo Milos, the truth is that he's not Ricardo. 


The account was created in 2016. After the popularity of the Ricardo Milos meme, it was made a tribute to Ricardo Milos and frequently referenced the dancing video and the song "U Got That".

About Ricardo

Ricardo Milos was born on November 11, 1977. He was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, an is both Brazilian and Irish. However, he is adopted, and was fostered by a Greek father and a Canadian mother. Ricardo is 5 foot 8, and weighs 190 pounds. Ricardo has been modeling for over 10 years and his father is a professional photographer who taught him how to take good photos as well as how to pose in photos. He also does homosexual pornography in his spare time.


He has also done minor acting jobs for movies, and has done collaborations wit mainstream media sites. The dance received a new wave of popularity when TikTok reached out, and made some videos with him dancing to the song Butterfly.


  • The real Ricardo doesn't have social media, and his only interactions with fans are on his Yahoo group "Hot Brazilian Model & Entertainer". He is also actively against the memes being made about him.
  • The channel has over 75k subscribers, possibly due to people mistaking him for the real Ricardo.
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