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MindCrack, or the MindCrack Network, is a group of American Minecraft players on YouTube that all play on a server called the MindCrack Server. The server was once home to 29 players which has steadily decreased over time. Starting in 2015 Mincrack began expanding its business side and had official Mindcrack members as well as guest members on the survival server. Starting in May 2019 with the seventh season of the server many friends of mindcrackers joined the server as Guests.


MindCrack started off as a singleplayer Let's Play survival series by Guude. The series went on for an entire season as just a singleplayer survival. Season two of his Let's Play began as a multiplayer server with friends from World of Warcraft such as madcow21 and Alcimedes. Over time the server grew to become a community of YouTube content creators.

The server is currently on season five, its fourth multiplayer world.


The MindCrack server is currently on its seventh season.

Season Players Invited Players Resigned/Removed Notes
Season 1 Guude None. Singleplayer survival world.
Season 2 madcow21, Alcimedes, thejims, Crysix, jsano19, Nebris, Espie23, adlingtont, Kuroro, stennett, Mhykol, Kennedyzak, davmandave, VintageBeef, W92Baj, ShreeyamGFX, it3fergie, and LowlanderND. Alcimedes, Crysix, Espie23, Kuroro, stennett, Kennedyzak, it3fergie, and LowlanderND. Multiplayer survival world.
Season 3 BdoubleO100, Pakratt0013, Arkas, just_defy, Docm77, Etho, PauseUnpause, mcgamer, kurtmac, Zisteau, Pyro_0, AnderZEL, Millbee, generikb, AvidyaZEN, BlameTC, and paulsoaresjr. madcow21, davmandave, and just_defy. None.
Season 4 Vechs_, SethBling, Aureylian, sevadus, and Coestar. ShreeyamGFX. Natural regeneration is turned off and the number of deaths a player has is shown next to their name in the player list.
Season 5 OMGChad, ShreeyamGFX Thejims, generikb, BdoubleO100, Etho, Paulsoarsjr, and BlameTheController Natural regeneration is turned back on. The spawn is limited to a 4,000x4,000 area in blocks that expands five blocks in each direction each day.
Season 6 DireDwarf, Etho, Breon, ConeDodger240, HonneyPlay, ryuski ShreeyamGFX None.
Season 7 AmethystRaindrops, Cheeetozz, Chiblee, HCJustin, jaaski, Mookake, Phedran, pliSkiNake (Droo), unrulybabs Remain on original islands until stable update of 1.14 is released.

Ultra Hardcore

Previously every couple of months, a few of the players on the MindCrack server get together to play a game of Ultra Hardcore, or UHC for short. In Ultra Hardcore, all the players are spread out, typically in teams, and must all gather reasons and hunt down and kill the other players. These matches typically last a couple hours.

In Ultra Hardcore, when a player dies, they must immediately leave the server and turn off audio chat with their team members, if there are teams at all. Natural regeneration is also turned off, meaning that players' health does not regenerate naturally. Making potions of healing or instant health are also forbidden, meaning that the players must eat golden apples in order to regenerate health.

In many popular mods that people have made for Ultra Hardcore, Ghasts drop golden nuggets instead of ghast tears, therefore preventing the making of healing potions completely. In popular mods, players also drop an extra golden apple upon death as well as their head. The head can be used to craft a golden head, which the player can eat to give themselves extra strength.

However, the MindCrack players try to enjoy mod-free experience, so they simply use commands to turn off natural regeneration, choose teams, and spread out the players. They also simply set up the rule that a player cannot make healing potions, and if they do, they are disqualified.

In later seasons, they also made it a rule that you cannot strip mine. You may only enter caves and ravines that are visible from the surface or dig into a cave if you somehow know that it is there.

The players of the MindCrack server have so far played sixteen Ultra Hardcore matches, each referred to as a "season". The players all agree to upload each episode number on a specific date and at a specific time so that there are no spoilers when a viewer watches one video, but another player has not uploaded their video that occurred at that same time. All players are required to end and start a new episode every thirty minutes.


Official Members

These are the official members of MindCrack according to their website. Many still play on the server but not all actively play Minecraft.

User Season Joined
adlingtont Season 2
AnderZEL Season 3
Arkas Season 3
Aureylian Season 4
AvidyaZEN Season 3
Coestar Season 4
Docm77 Season 3
Guude Season 1
jsano19 Season 2
kurtmac Season 3
mcgamer Season 3
Mhykol Season 2
Millbee Season 3
Nebris Season 2
OMGchad Season 5
Pakratt0013 Season 3
PauseUnpause Season 3
Pyro_0 Season 3
SethBling Season 4
sevadus Season 4
Vechs_ Season 4
VintageBeef Season 2
W92Baj Season 2
Zisteau Season 3

Inactive/Banned Members

The MindCrack server has two players that are still whitelisted and active, along with ten players that have been removed from the whitelist for various reasons.

User Season Joined Season Resigned/Removed Reason
Alcimedes Season 2 Season 3 Removed from whitelist due to inactivity. Requested to get back on, denied by Guude stating he "had his chance."
BlameTheController Season 3 Season 5 Left on good terms with the group, but has since switched YouTube channel to overwatch gameplay. Crysix Season 2 Season 2 Removed from whitelist for unknown reasons, presumably inactivity.
davmandave Season 2 Season 3 Removed from whitelist due to inactivity due to enlisting in the United States Army. Requested to get back on, denied by Guude stating he "had his chance."
Espie23 Season 2 Season 2 Removed from whitelist due to inactivity due to a personal issue of some kind.
it3fergie Season 2 Season 2 Removed from whitelist due to unknown reasons.
just_defy Season 3 Season 3 Removed from whitelist due to inactivity. Claims that his removal was due to a miscommunication with Guude.
Kennedyzak Season 2 Season 2 Removed from whitelist due to inactivity. Hopes that Guude will ask him to return.
Kuroro Season 2 Season 2 Removed from the whitelist due to inactivity. Kuroro claims that he was moving during inactivity and did not inform Guude.
LowlanderND Season 2 Season 2 Removed from the whitelist for unknown reasons.
madcow21 Season 2 Season 3 Resigned, but still whitelisted through his friendship with Guude.
ShreeyamGFX Season 2 Season 4 Formally resigned via Reddit post, but still whitelisted as he is welcome to return.
stennett Season 2 Season 2 Removed from whitelist due to unknown reasons.


The MindCrack server has whitelisted a total of ten players for special occasions, including the Mojang employees and previous members. They currently have not been active on the recent season.

Guest User Status
BdoubleO100 Still whitelisted
Biffa2001 Only whitelisted on the modded server/servers.
C418 Still whitelisted.
Dinnerbone Still whitelisted.
generikb Still whitelisted
Grumm Still whitelisted.
JL2579 Whitelisted to join UHC 12. No longer whitelisted.
marc Still whitelisted.
monkeyfarm Was only whitelisted on the modded server/servers. Removed due to inactivity.
Notch Still whitelisted.
paulsoaresjr Still whitelisted
thejims Still whitelisted
WesWilson Only whitelisted on the modded server/servers.

Unofficial Members

These users are currently whitelisted to play on the survival server, and have been a part of the seventh season.

Member Season Joined
AmethystRaindrops Season 7
Breon Season 6
Cheeetozz (Josh) Season 7
Chiblee Season 7
ConeDodger240 Season 6
DireDwarf Season 5
Etho Season 3/Season 6
HCJustin Season 7
HonneyPlay Season 6
jaaski Season 7
Mookake Season 7
Phedran Season 7
pliSkiNake (Drooo) Season 7
ryuski Season 6
unrulybabs Season 7

Along with these unofficial members, the following official members have also joined the seventh season server at some point: Arkas, AvidyaZEN, Coestar, Guude, jsano19, kurtmac, Mhykol, Nebris, OMGchad, Pakratt0013, PauseUnpause, Pyro_0, VintageBeef, & W92Baj.

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