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Jason Probst (Born: June 7, 1997 (1997-06-07) [age 22]), better known online as Minecraft Universe (or Stokes, formerly Fortnite Stuff), is a Minecraft YouTuber. He originally played Minecraft and it consisted of him and Branson; the latter's departure from the duo left Jason as the channel's sole representive. Jason was a member of a group known as Team Crafted. Many people think his last name is Parks but as he stated on Twitter and music videos, it was a hoax. He lives in California, but is originally from Grapevine, Texas and attended Grapevine High School before graduating in 2013. Jason owns a white Aston Martin Rapide, a feat achievable due to his highly profitable YouTube channel.


Minecraft Universe has a Website. It is a place where you can buy ranks on his server,, and his shirts, look at fan art and livestreams, etc. He is also a musician who uses electronic instruments. His outro song, Eclipse, can be purchased from bandcamp here, or if you're looking for the iTunes version, click here. He likes to call pigs Jeffrey, explaining why they're to the right of his profile picture. He also likes to call bats Dillon, which is why they're to the left of his photo. In real life, "Jason" has brown hair and blue eyes. He leads the MU Stars.

TrueMU quit YouTube just before 2017 because he lost interest in Minecraft and wanted to focus on his music. As of May 2018, all content has been removed from his channel, and he is now doing Fortnite videos.

Minecraft Universe, or TrueMU, often plays adventure or parkour maps with his friends SkyDoesMinecraft and Deadlox. He also used to do Minecraft mini-games with other members of Team Crafted. He also does mod showcases for what he finds interesting. Sadly, he has not recorded with Sky Or Deadlox in a long time, most likely because they use vulgar language in their videos. He also has a cat named Teddy and on his freetime hangs out with his friends or works on his new songs or Gaming channel, JasonVSGaming.

He has an Instagram account that many people are confused about named jasonprobst. People either don't believe it's him or think that a different account is his. This happens often for most YouTubers. It especially happened to BajanCanadian when he didn't have an Instagram.

He made a great team with Logdotzip, or Tyler Pappas and played Minecraft Maps like Diversity 1 and 2, Planetary Confinement and It's better together! In Logdotzip's video, at 6:07 he makes it obvious that he misses TrueMU.

Recently, he did the background music/mixing for CavemanFilms' parody 'Flee For Your Life'. Two of his most common sayings are, "Hey guys, and welcome back to the minecraft universe!" And "Jeffery Noooooooooooo!"

Minecraft Universe deleted all contents on his channel and renamed his channel to “Fortnite Stuff”. He mostly shows clips of other famous Fortnite players on his channel.

On August 19 2018, he unprivated all of his old Minecraft videos and changed his name back to TrueMU. He also privated all of his previous Fortnite videos.

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