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The Minus World is a group of YouTubers. Members of the Minus World include Nathaniel Bandy, Nicobbq, Nintendrew, Chariii5, TetraBitGaming, DPadGamer, Swankybox Simpleflips, and Luke and Kevin from SMG4 and Hobo Bros. The group plays a wide variety of video games.


The Minus World group first began to form in September 2017, when the Hobo Bros began their "10 youtubers vs 1 speedrunner" series of videos. These videos would consist of 10 youtubers trying to work together to collect all the stars in Super Mario 64 before one speedrunner could do so. The youtubers are all able to play on the same game of Super Mario 64 thanks to the Mario 64 multiplayer hack, made by Kaze Emanuar .

The first video in the Hobo Bros' series consisted of current minus world members Nathaniel Bandy, Nintendrew, Charriii5 and Simpleflips, as well as special guests such as Muselk , TimTom and TheAmaazing . As the series progressed, many youtubers and speedrunners appeared on the show, speedrunners Cheese05 and Bluebob, and youtubers such as SomethingElseYT , AttackingTucans and TJ Henry Yoshi were just afew of the guests on the series. Current Minus World members Nicobbq, SwankyBox, TetraBitGaming and Dpadgamer also began to consistently appear.

However, it was only in February 2018, when all 10 members of Minus World officially announced on their channels that they were forming an official YouTube group. After this annoucnment, collaboration videos between all the members became far more frequent, with the group playing video games such as Gary's Mod, VR chat, and a variety of nintendo games. The group met up at E3 2018 and E3 2019, renting out a large house for the whole group to live in each time. During this time, a large amount of collaboration videos were uploaded by the members.

In december 2019, the relativley inactive Minus World channel began to recieve consistent uploads, with all the members of the group appearing in videos on the channel. They upload podcasts, featuring the members of Minus World, as well as gaming videos. Luke and Kevin also officially stated on this channel that they were now 'legacy members' of Minus world, due to how busy they were running their 3D animation company, Glitch Productions, as well as still making content on both their channels. This means they would not be appearing in most of the future Minus World content. However, the brothers still intend on meeting up with Minus World at conventions, and will most likely appear in content with them during that time.

Currently, the Minus World channel is where most of the collabs take place. However, the members of minus world consistently make appeareances on each others channels.


Nathaniel Bandy

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Nathaniel Bandy

Nathaniel Bandy is an American youtuber, who creates a wide variety of content including top tens, video game challenges, and the infamous "triggered" series, where Nathaniel points out issues in a video game in an over the top, comedic fashion. He also produces live action, narrative driven videos. 

Alongside the Hobo Bros, many people consider Bandy to be one of the most imporant members of Minus World, as he was good friends with a lot of the members prior to the forming of the group, and appears in the collabs more frequently than any other member.




'Drew,' otherwise known as Nintendrew, is an American youtuber who makes retrospective videos, as well as videos showing off his incredible collection of video games. Nintendrew is also famous for his DIY videos, some examples of his DIY projects include a VR nitendo switch, as well as a custom arcade cabinet dock for the nintendo switch.




Simpleflips is an American youtuber and streamer, who is famous for being an accomplished speedrunner in Super Mario 64. Simpleflips almost exclusivley plays Super Mario 64 on his channel, playing different ROM hacks made by modders. He also plays games such as tetris and Super Mario Maker 2. Simpleflips is also famous for the huge amount of memes and jokes that originate from his channel, including the infamous "Shoutouts to Simpleflips" meme.




Nicobbq is a Canadian youtuber, who produces a lot of different types of videos on his channel. He makes top tens, ranking videos, and video game challenge videos, and is currently mostly making videos for his "coinless" series, where he tries to beat a Super Mario game without touching a single coin. Nicobbq is almost infamous for his "Not A" series, ecspecially his video "Mario is not a hero!"

Swanky Box


Swanky Box

Bradely Burke, or Swanky Box, is an American youtuber who's channel primarily focuses on video game theories. His secondary channel, SwankyZone, is a channel primarily used as a gaming channel, where Swanky and his co-host, Stowgee, play video games such as Super Mario Maker 2. Swanky Box is famous for his published book "The YouTubers journey", which describes the steps and skills on how to become succesful on the platform.

Swanky began to take a more prominent role in the Minus World content after the Hobo Bros became to busy to continue collaborating with the group. He continued the Minus World collaborations on his second channel, Swanky Zone, before the Minus World channel became the place where the collabs were uploaded.




TetraBitGaming is a canadian youtuber who's content focuses on looking at scrapped and unused content in a huge variety of video games, as well as any glitches and bugs. He covers a hgue variety of video games, but specifically is focused on Nintendo. TetraBitGaming also has a second channel, TetraBitPlus, where he plays video games and uploads stream highlights.




Charriii5 is a youtuber and artist, who makes a wide variety of content on his channel. He makes lets plays, reviews, and commentary videos, but is arguably most popular due to his infamous "everything wrong with series". A parody of the YouTube channel CinemaSins, Charriii5 critiques the stories of video games in an over the top, comedic fashion. Charriii5 is also working on an animated series, Soul Star, and also created Nathaniel Bandy's youtube avatar.




DpadGamer is an American youtuber who's channel explores easter eggs and secrets in video games. His content also looks at glitches and other bugs found in games. Dpad's second channel, DpadExtra, has gaming videos and stream highlights, as well as other content including book reviews.

SMG4 / Hobo Bros

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Luke Lerwichugal, or SMG4, is an Australian youtuber who creates Super Mario 64 machinima videos, using characters from the Super Mario universe, as well as other characters from films and video games, alongside his own original characters. The Hobo Bros channel is SMG4's second channel, where Luke and his older brother, Kevin Lerdwichugal, play video games, react to memes, and more.
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Luke and Kevin now run the 3D animation company, Glitch productions, and have uploaded their Australian Government funded web series on the SMG4 youtube channel. Due to how busy they are, running the company and making a huge amount of content, the brothers have become 'legacy members' of Minus World, and will not be appearing in most of the future content. 

Series on the Minus World channel

Minus Cast 

Minus Cast is a podcast created by The Minus World. The podcasts conists of some of the members of minus world talking about and sharing their opinions on the specific topic of the podcast. The podcasts normally focus on relevant gaming news. It is currently available on YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify. Below is a list of all episodes in the Minus Cast series

The E3 2018 YouTube Experience! - Minus Cast #01  Charriii, Bandy, Tetra, Swanky and Drew have a discussion about the E3 2018 convention, as well as what it was like for the members to make collaboration videos during their first meetup.

The World of Emulation! - Minus Cast #02 Charriii, Bandy, Tetra, Swanky and Nico talk about emulating video games, how video game companies such as Nintendo react to these emulated games, as well as how the emulation and modding of video games benefits them as YouTubers.

The Game Awards 2019! - Minus Cast #03 Charriii, Bandy, Tetra and Dpad talk about the 2019 game awards, and discuss their opinions and experiences with the nominated games.

The Papa's Reckoning - Minus Cast #04 Charriii, Bandy, Tetra, Swanky and Drew have a more light hearted podcast, talking about a wide array of topics such as Papa Johns pizza, Michael Jackon, and memes that the group have shared on discord.

What's the 2nd Wave of Smash Bros Fighters? - Minus Cast #05 Bandy, Tetra, Swanky and Dpad discuss which characters they think are most likely to appear in the second wave of Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC, as well as discuss their opinions on the already released DLC fighters.

Life Before/After YouTube - Minus Cast #06 Bandy, Tetra, Swanky and Dpad talk about their lives before becoming succesful on YouTube, specifically about their previous jobs and careers and what experience and knowledge they gained from them.

Where's the Nintendo Direct?? - Minus Cast #07 Bandy, Tetra, Swanky and Simpleflips talk about and share their opinions on the lack of a Nintendo Direct presentation, and the reaction it has created online.

Nicobbq and the Bagged Milk Adventures - Minus Cast #08 Bandy, Tetra, Swanky and Nico have a lengthy and hilarious discussion on how milk is stored in bags, instead of cartons, in the part of Canada where Nico lives. The group also discuss their favrioute childhood video games.

PAX East 2020? More like PAX Weast! - Minus Cast #09 Charriii, Bandy, Tetra and Drew talk about their experience at PAX East 2020, and what it was like for them hosting a Minus World booth at the event.

Lego Mario Looks Cursed - Minus Cast #10 Charriii, Bandy, Swanky and Simpleflips talk about the newly announced Lego playsets which are based on the Super Mario Bros. franchise, and their opinions on it.

Gaming Websites that are Lost in Time - Minus Cast #11 Bandy, Tetra, Swanky and Nico talk about a variety of websites that have been lost to time, whether that be due to them shutting down, or simply because they have become irrelevant and unused by most.

Chatting with Nathaniel Bandy's Editor Jon! - Minus Cast #12 Charriii, Bandy and Tetra have a conversation with Bandy's editor Jon, discussing what the life of a full time editor is like, as well as the members discussing their experiences with editing videos.

Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy Remaster Rumor Debate - Minus Cast #13 Bandy, Tetra, Swanky, Drew, Nico and Simpleflips talk about the popular rumour that a selection of classic Super Mario games are going to be re-made for the Nintendo Switch. The members discuss how realistic and likely this rumour is, as well as what these new remakes would be like if they were a reality.

Nintendo drops a Mario Maker 2 BANGER Update! - Minus Cast #14 Charriii, Bandy, Tetra and Swanky express their opinions and thoughts on the brand new Super Mario Maker 2 update, which added a bunch of new features including the ability for players to create and upload their own Super Worlds.

The Great Controller Debate! - Minus Cast #15 Charriii, Bandy, Tetra, Swanky and Drew look back at a huge variety of video game controllers from the past and present, and discuss their personal opinions on them. The group also talks about controller accesories, and special edition controllers.

Paper Mario is a King at Origami - Minus Cast #16 Charriii, Bandy, Tetra and Drew chat about the brand new release trailer for the newest entry in thePaper Mario franchise, Paper Mario and the Origami King. The group theorise and discuss what the new game may be like.

Where are Luke and Kevin? (Ft. SMG4) - Minus Cast #17 Charriii, Bandy, Tetra, Swanky, Drew and Nico talk to Luke and Kevin (from SMG4) to discuss why the brothers have not appeared in the more recent Minus World collabs. The brothers talk about the responsibility of running Glitch Production, their new animation company, and explain how they unforutantley no longer have the time to consistently appear in the future Minus World content. 

E3 Past, Present & Future - Minus Cast #18 Bandy, Tetra, Swanky and Nico talk about the cancelation of E3 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and how it has affected them. The group also discuss what the future of these types of conventions will be like.

What Would a Waluigi Game be Like? - Minus Cast #19 Charriii, Bandy, Tetra, Drew and Nico have a light hearted conversation about what a new video game starring the criminally underused Super Mario character Waluigi would be about, looking back at the characters previous appearances for inspiration.

The Downfall of Mixer - Minus Cast #20 Charriii, Bandy, Tetra, Swanky and Dpad talk about how the streaming service Mixer is being shut down, and also talk about the rising popularity of streaming and the possibilites of other large companies creating their own streaming platforms.

Minus World races and challenges

Various members of the minus world group will take part and compete in a variety of races and challenges within different video games. These competitions normally involve having to complete a certain task or get to a certain point in a video before everyone else. These races and challenges normally take place in Super Mario games, such as Super Mario Maker 2 and Super Mario 64. However, the group have competed in other game series such as Pokemon and Super Smash Bros.

Minus World vibing with games

A more relaxed gaming series made by Minus World in comparison to the more competitive racing and challenge videos. Members of Minus World will play video games together. So far, the group have mainly been playing old flash games that members of the group grew up with, as well as modern games such as Minecraft Dungeons.



  • The name comes from a glitch in the original Super Mario Bros. game, where the player can clip through some blocks and go to the first pipe before the Warp Zone loads in World 1-2.
  • The first collabs formed by the members of Minus World were on the Hobo Bros channel, the Super Mario 64 "10 youtubers vs 1 speedrunner" series.
  • The YouTuber TJ "Henry" Yoshi was considered for joining Minus World, considering how he appeared in a large amount of the Hobo Bros collaborations, but ultimatley didn't due to the fact he was still in high school and had an unorganised upload schedule.
  • The ROM hack creator Kaze Emanuar has created a large amount of the mods that Minus World used in their Super Mario 64 videos, the Super Mario 64 online mod being a very significant one that allowed the ten youtubers to all work together in the same game in the "10 YouTubers vs 1 Speedrunner" series.
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