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I'm back.

―Misha's intro

Michal Florian (born: January 2, 2007 (2007-01-02) [age 13]), better known online as Misha / Mishovy silenosti (or just Misha), is a Czech YouTuber who is known for his gaming related songs, such as his infamous "POKEMON GO SONG!!!", which gained much attention to many commentary YouTubers by the time of its release.

Many believe that his channel isn't "real", and in fact a parody channel most likely run by his brother, since it includes many memes to the community such as a song about him being "vegan", calling YouTubers "cancerous" and so on.

He also has a Czech speaking channel called Mishovy šílenosti CZ and a Let's Play gaming channel called Mishovy Let's Playe.


In response to several YouTubers making fun of him, he made a video titled, "CYBERBULLY CHANNELS ARE CANCER!!!" where he mentioned that YouTubers LeafyIsHere, Pyrocynical, Keemstar, and RiceGum are "assholes" and "retards" in song-form.


  • He has a brother named Oldřich "Olda" Florian, who often appears in his videos playing the guitar. Many theorize that he actually doesn't speak English and that it's his brother behind the channel.
  • He typically starts his videos saying "I'm back".
  • Many of his songs have "FOR KIDS" in the title, but frequently they contain curse words.
  • Misha claims to frequently get straight-A's on his school report cards; however, this has yet to be confirmed.
  • He claims to have a girlfriend known as "Denca" that he met on a Minecraft server. He has done a "GIRLFRIEND TAG!!!" video with her, though some argue that the girl in the video could be his sister rather than his girlfriend. 
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