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Katy, better known online as Miss Katy, is a Russian YouTuber from Odessa. Her channel is one of the most popular Russian channels.


The channel was by the father of Katy. At first, he shot simply funny videos with the participation of children, and then what was happening became more like a family television series. The mother of her also later began to take part in the work.

Channel topics

The channels host the life of brother and sister Maxim and Katya.

The children come up with topics that are filmed on video. Examples of video topics include unpacking sweets and toys and testing them, shopping, and outdoor activities, for example, swimming in the pool, games, eating and ice cream.

In one popular story, the parents children drove around McDonald's restaurants in a car in search of Pokemon, in another the children went on a quest at the mall, in the third they sorted out a whole portfolio of sweets, and in the fourth, the parents decorated web cobwebs for Halloween. Other examples of stories include Katya playing with dolls and Max walking around the mall.

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