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Dmitri Van de Vrie (born: June 6, 2002 (2002-06-06) [age 18])[1][2], better known online as Mitr0, is a YouTuber, Twitch streamer and competitive gamer from the Netherlands, who currently resides in Europe. He is well-known for playing Fortnite: Battle Royale competitively.[3] He is also known for once breaking the second world record of the most kills in Fortnite, having 42 kills in the new Siphon mode in Fortnite.[4]


Dmitri created his channel in 2012, but did not create videos until the end of 2015, where he made Black Ops 3 videos. He then moved onto CS:GO, making montages. He also played H1Z1 before started playing Fortnite, immediately uploading Solo Squad gameplays and having multiple high kill games.

His minor growth started by being eligible for the 'Winter Royale' tournament and made it to the grand finals.[5] He had won a game, and got multiple kills in games. His growth started coming in at a small pace before his famous 42 kill game was released. Though some fans did not like the video how it was titled.

In the title of the 42 kill game, it has "World Record" in it, but the current record is 45 by Teeqzy. Dmitri in the comments did say he knew the record was from Teeqzy, but fans started to question "why title it in the first place?" and "many little kids are growing to believe you". The 'World Record' in the title is still in the title of the 42 kill game currently.


Underpaid by Team Atlantis

On September 15, 2019, a Twitter Trend inside the Fortnite Competitive Community (#FreeMitr0) started going viral, which was on Dmitri and being underpaid by his Team, Atlantis. This had also happened to another competitive Fortnite player Edgey, member of FlyQuest, but for Dmitri, worse.

Team Atlantis had granted $30,000 from Dmitri out of $90,000, which is approximately 33% of Dmitri's earnings from the Trios Championship Series. However, other Atlantis Members have once claimed they lost 70% of their earnings from the Fortnite World Cup 2019.


Team Atlantis made a response stating that they do not take any earnings from his Twitch or YouTube, but does set an industry standing, which, according to Atlantis, Dmitri agreed on.[6] They have also talked about how Dmitri is not happy with his contract, and plan on letting Dmitri released from Atlantis later in September.

Dmitri's response was talking about how he overgrew Team Atlantis in popularity, which was why he planned on leaving Atlantis back in January 2019 to find a bigger organization for his size and popularity.[7] He originally joined Atlantis when he had a smaller community, before his success.

Dmitri left Team Atlantis on September 27, 2019.[8]


  • Dmitri's commonly used outfit in Fortnite, Dynamo, became a popular skin because of him.


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