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Moemi & Yomemi Channel plays video games
Moemi & Yomemi Channel is an Animator
Moemi & Yomemi Channel focuses on Anime
Moemi & Yomemi Channel is from Japan
Moemi & Yomemi Channel is female
Moemi & Yomemi Channel created their account in 2017
Moemi & Yomemi Channel is a Content Creator on YouTube

ヨメミ V-AR チューバー -萌実- (English: Moemi & Yomemi Channel) is a Japanese Virtual YouTube channel consisting of two twin VTubers: Moemi Yumeno (Japanese: 夢野もえみ / Yumeno Moemi) and Yomemi Moemo (Japanese: よめみもも / Moemo Yomemi). The two are under management by Eilene, who formerly ran Mirai Akari's YouTube channel until October 2017, and who also created Natsumi Moe in July 2018.



The first video was created on August 21, 2017, the day after Moemi first stepped in & created Moemi & Yomemi Channel. Then, on January 7, 2018, Yomemi made an official appearance in the form of a visual novel video type.

On January 7, 2018, just before Yomemi was officially debuted into Moemi & Yomemi Channel, Eilene announced that she made "Moemi from 1 year ago" and converted into a "Virtual Girlfriend" App on Google Play Store, with a changed voice during the growth period, called "Yomemi-san". It was because Eilene and Moemi, the only two working on this channel until early 2018, are struggling to make two videos per week, which Eilene was so stressed that she only made one video per month, because of the number of videos she required to edit.

On September 2, 2019, a new VTuber Étra appeared as a new family member of the Moemi & Yomemi Channel, primarily in episodic anime videos and ASMR videos.


The channel was run by Eilene, Moemi and Yomemi starting January 2018. The twins, especially their YouTube Channel was managed by Eilene, who used to make videos on what's now called Mirai Akari Project on March 4, 2014, until October 25, 2017, when Mirai Akari debuted on her channel, and Eilene subsequently began working with Moemi & Yomemi Channel. Eilene manages some degree of business aspects to other VTubers named Moemi, Yomemi, and Beilene (which Eilene and Beilene) are part of Eilene's Anime Sisters). This channel also features Étra, a latest member of the channel since September 2, 2019.


Moemi Yumeno is the first VTuber, to appear in Moemi & Yomemi YouTube Channel on August 20, 2017. From there, she made gaming videos, notably Minecraft, and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (with Beno-chan in some occasions), and doing various stuff on Eilene's Photoshop Show, where Eilene and/or Yomemi are making funny pictures using Adobe Photoshop. Other than playing video games, she can also dance and sing as an idol, which it was evidenced by her new outfit that was since emerged in June 2019.

Yomemi Moemo, who secondly appeared in Moemi & Yomemi Channel on January 7, 2018, is a Virtual Girlfirend AI, and together, both did various things. She is, according to Eilene, an 'alter-ego' of "Moemi-san". She is an assistant and additional recruitment to the channel, and she too plays video games like Moemi.

The twins, along with Natsumi Moe, Beilene, Eilene, and Comdost, are part of Eilene's studio firm ICETEA, which she presumably founded after Eilene left DUO & ENTUM on June 2018.

Since Eilene is the founder of ICETEA, she sometimes or randomly appears on their respective channels, Moemi & Yomemi's YouTube channel included.


  • Moemi first played Dragon Quest XI the day after the beginning of her channel and she would later play Minecraft and PUBG. For Yomemi after January 7, 2018, she first played Minecraft, as well as Grand Theft Auto V and Cuphead.
  • From August 20th, 2017 to the early hours of January 7, 2018 (the day of Yomemi's debut into YouTube), Moemi, plus Eilene only made 29 videos. This increases their need for another Virtual YouTuber to help advance their production due to Eilene's struggles and stress. It will be named "Yomemi Moemi", a virtual girlfriend and alter-ego of Moemi Yomeno from 2017.
  • Somewhere in 2019, a new Moemi 3D model was in the works. On May 17, 2019, Eilene told Moemi that her 3D model won't be released anymore, claiming that it was partly because of her budget issues, and partly because of Beilene, leading into a gameplay battle of Azur Lane characters, Eilene and Moemi versus. Beilene on World of Warships Gameplay. It wasn't until, on June 7, Moemi finally had a 3D model outfit on.
  • The video titled 【ASMR】Getting a massage from Moemi♡ (Warning: Age-restricted video) is (presumably) the only ASMR video to be posted in Moemi & Yomemi Channel on August 22, 2019.
    • It was also the only video in Moemi & Yomemi Channel to be deemed as "Age-restricted video (based on Community Guidelines)", primarily because of the number of flagged reports from many YouTubers complaining about Moemi's groaning sounds, and possible sexual acts in that video, making this as erotic.
      • This was believed to be the first video posted by a Virtual YouTuber to be flagged as age-inappropriate until Projekt Melody starting on December 28, 2019.
    • This video also caused Natsumi Moe to respond to the video saying "I'm telling mom.", indicating that she is either shocked or angered by Moemi's actions.
  • She was adapted into "Yomemi Mod" in Grand Theft Auto V. It was infamously used as a prank by Eilene to make Yomemi (who was playing GTA V in a challenge to kill 100 LAPD officers) to kill 100 doppelgangers of herself.
  • By late-2019 and early 2020, Eilene, Moemi & Yomemi all have 3D models, with the latter two were modeled by an American 3D Virtual YouTuber modeler DigitrevX.
    • DigitrevX is also the one who created Projekt Melody.

      Virtual Girlfriend Yomemi on Google Play (made by Eilene's However, it was only available in Japan. (Video from VIRTUAL GIRLFRIEND "YOMEMI" 【episode 1】)