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Gabriel Navarro, better known online as Molemanninethousand, is a comedy YouTuber.


His current main project is Moleman's Epic Rap Battles, a knockoff of Epic Rap Battles of History that specializes in using more obscure characters and has to date released 40+ battles across three "seasons". The series initially received mixed-to-negative reactions, with criticisms being due largely to issues with sound quality, and has improved in this regard and its overall reception with recent battles since then.

Largely prior to that series, Moleman has uploaded several YouTube Poop videos of various quality as well, the more notable ones including "The Dirty Catcher in the Rye" (inspired by Dirty Potter), "The Gnorga Chronicles", "I Have No Mouth And I'm Obscene", and most recently, "Clit Banger".

Molemanninethousand is guitarist Dave Navarro's half-brother, and has uploaded an otherwise lost television pilot from MTV featuring Dave alongside himself and the rest of his family, which has become by far his most viewed video with over 75,000 views. Moleman's most viewed pieces of original content are some of his older YTP videos, while the most viewed Moleman's Epic Rap Battle is Avatar Aang Vs. Ben Tennyson, which has over 14,000 views.

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