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Monsieur Z is a YouTuber who writes, edits, and narrates videos based around Alternate History scenarios, such as "What If Rome Colonized America?" and "What If Russia Started WW2?", often making his own flags for aforementioned alternate versions of these countries. Monsieur Z often goes by Mister Z since his non Francophone viewers tend to pronounce his channel name "Mon-So Z" and "Mitchell Z". It's unknown if Monsieur Z is actually French, only that he speaks it, this, along with his peculiar accent has led many to speculate about where he might be from, and what secrets he may be hiding. Regardless of such, he's gained significant acclaim as a dedicated, and lovable entertainer through his passion of history and craft of writing. Monsieur Z may or may not be part of a secret society of digital frogs.


Monsieur Z first made his appearence on YouTube experimenting with a number of different videos, but finally found a solid basis in Alternate History after being contacted by Amazon in response to his Man in The High Castle Analysis, since then Monsieur Z has been putting out a steady stream of Alternate History, with an occassional variable video from time to time, his most recent being the Mr.Z & You series, in which he addressed numerous subjects from Politics to Personal Health, not garnering the usual audience, but still being recieved well by all who watched.


Monsieur Z is an enigmatic figure. His political views are often debated, he's known to have ties with other YouTubers, and even politicians who have little connection to the subjects debated on his channel. Among other things, it's often speculated that Monsieur Z may be a Freemason, based on a masonic pin he wore in one video which has since been taken down.

Another subject of hot debate is exactly where he is from, as he's been noted to have a peculiar accent which he claims he doesn't like to show off. In a video regarding GameStop, he can be heard with a thick Boston accent, where in other videos it sounds as though it may be Russian, or Swedish. Despite this, Monsieur Z has repeatedly stated that he is of German and Italian descent, but identifies primarily as an American.


  • Monsieur Z is a big fan of Tim Hortons.