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Squirrelflight and the Power of Science

Squirrelflight and the Power of Science

Moonkitti's homepage video.


Hawkwing is wrong about Darktail

Moonkitti (born: March 5, 1993 (1993-03-05) [age 27]) is a YouTube animator known for her Warriors parody videos (inspired by the book series of the same name), as well as her "I Spoil" and "Starkit's Prophecy" series.

I Spoil

The "I Spoil" series first started when people would complain in Moonkitti's comment section about her spoiling the series for them. The series consists of an "In a Nutshell" video of each book, which are about 1-8 minutes long each.

Starkit's Prophecy

Starkit's Prophecy was a Warriors trollfic, written by user xdark.rosesx about a purple Mary Sue cat with rainbow eyes named Starkit, who later grew up to be Thunderclan leader. Moonkitti saw the popularity in animated Warriors series, and wanted to make a parody series. She later settled on Starkit's Prophecy. 

Lionblaze VS Russetfur

This is Moonkitti's oldest video that's still on her channel today. This video is a parody of Russetfur's death and features a mostly silent video of Lionblaze killing Russetfur with Link: The Faces of Evil audio. This video was uploaded January 7, 2011.


  • She grew up in Pennsylvania.
  • She has a younger brother named Aaron.
  • Her favourite Warriors arc is Omen of The Stars
  • She is a Pokémon fan.
  • Her favourite main series Warriors book is Shattered Sky.
  • Her favourite Warriors book is Dovewing's Silence.
  • Her favourite book is The Last Unicorn.
  • Her favourite Warriors characters are Squirrelflight, Dovewing and Hawkwing, but is known for loving Dovewing, and her least favourite character is Bramblestar.
  • Her favourite Warriors leaders are Bluestar and Blackstar and her favourite Warriors villain is Ashfur.
  • Favourite Medicine Cat is Jayfeather.
  • She made a popular Rarity Ask Blog.
  • She has a running gag where she draws Ashfur with blond "hair".
  • Her favourite colours are grays and browns.
  • She currently resides in Philadelphia.
  • Her favourite Wings of Fire character is Turtle.
  • Her least favourite video she made is "Mistyfoot and Stonefur get out of burying their mother".
  • She is 4"11' tall.
  • She wrote Minecraft Joke Book.
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