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Moonkitti is an Animator
Moonkitti is from the United States
Moonkitti is female
Moonkitti created their account in 2007
Moonkitti is a Content Creator on YouTube

It's Moonkitti with an 'I' as in...


Moonkitti (born: March 5, 1993 (1993-03-05) [age 29]) is an American YouTube animator known for her parody videos and occasional analysis videos about the Warriors book series.

Personal life

She was born on March 5, 1993, in Pennsylvania.[citation needed] She has a younger brother named Aaron and three cats named Ocelot, Pepper, and Alfador.[1] She is 4'11" (150 cm) tall.

Notable videos

"Lionblaze VS Russetfur"

"Lionblaze VS Russetfur" is Moonkitti's oldest video that is still on her channel today. This video is a parody of the character Russetfur's death in Warriors and features a mostly silent video of Lionblaze killing Russetfur with audio from the game Link: The Faces of Evil. This video was uploaded January 7, 2011.

"Starkit's Prophecy" series

Moonkitti saw the popularity in animated Warriors series' and wanted to make a parody series. She later settled on making an adaptation of Starkit's Prophecy: a Warriors trollfic written by user xdark.rosesx about a stereotypical "Mary Sue"-esque cat named Starkit who grows up to be the ThunderClan leader.

Moonkitti began her Starkit's Prophecy series on February 12, 2015. It features audio narration of the original story with accompanying simple animation. The series was well-received and allowed the fanfiction to reach a much wider audience[2] as well as helping Moon herself gain more popularity. It was the main staple of her channel for roughly a year (later overtaken by her "I Spoil" series).

"I Spoil" series

Moonkitti's "I Spoil" series first started on June 15, 2016 when people would complain in her comment section about her spoiling the Warriors books for them. The series consists of an "In a Nutshell" video of each book in the series, the videos being about one to eight minutes long each. The "I Spoil" videos are some of Moonkitti's most popular videos to date, with the first in the series being her #2 most viewed video and four other "I Spoil" videos being in the top 10.


"Bramblestar is Worse"

On October 15, 2020, Moonkitti uploaded "Bramblestar is Worse", a video essay detailing how the Warriors character Bramblestar is abusive towards his partner Squirrelflight. This video and its subject matter quickly became a divisive topic in the fandom. Some fans (including other popular Warriors youtubers) agreed with the video and praised it for its comprehensiveness and well-sourced points, while other fans pointed out flaws in the video such as bias, over-exaggeration, and omitting Squirrelflight's wrongdoings.

This conflict was stirred further when one of the authors of the books, Kate Cary, stated that Bramblestar was incapable of being abusive and was one of the series' "most honourable warriors" (though she later retracted this statement).[3] Moon even received harassment and death threats for making the video.[4] This backlash temporarily deterred her from making other analysis videos, though she later returned to the format with her "Talking" series. Moon has not put out any statement or follow-up on her channel regarding Bramblestar is Worse, as she has said that she wants to leave the argument behind,[5] though she briefly discussed the video and its community response on Twitter as well as in an interview.[4]


  • She is a Pokémon fan.
  • She has also read the series Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland and made six videos about the books. Her favourite Wings of Fire character is Turtle.
  • She has an original series called "Frequent Fiasco" animated in the same style as her parody videos. Frequent Fiasco has four episodes, with the most recent episode having been released in February 2019.
  • Her favourite main series Warriors book is Shattered Sky, while her favourite Warriors book overall is Dovewing's Silence.[6]
  • Her favourite Warriors arc is Omen of The Stars.
  • Her favourite book is The Last Unicorn.[6]
  • Her favourite Warriors characters are Squirrelflight, Dovewing, and Hawkwing, but she is especially known for loving Dovewing (as she puts it herself, "I lovewing Dovewing"). Her least favourite characters are Bramblestar and Bumblestripe.[6]
  • She made a popular Rarity Ask Blog.[citation needed]
  • She has a running gag where she draws Ashfur with blond "hair".
  • Her favourite colours are grays and browns.
  • Her least favourite video she has made is "Mistyfoot and Stonefur get out of burying their mother".
  • She has a Minecraft Java survival server.
    • The IP address of the server is:
  • Moonkitti's YouTube avatar is a creature named "Evil Giraffe" that she made in the game Petz 5. Evil Giraffe is a hybrid of an anime kid (a fanmade breed for the game) and a bulldog.[6]