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Mortis Media is a channel from the United Kingdom that focuses on the narration of horror stories.


Mortis Media submitted his video, "Five Minutes-A Short Horror Film," as an entry in Rob Dyke's "So You Wanna Be a YouTuber Contest." The video is shot in narrative film style and tells the story of a young lady who is preparing for bed while an intruder comes onto her property. She hears the intruder and then goes to find out who it might be. Although the video did not win, it became the premiere video on his channel.

Since the first video, Mortis Media has posted mostly narrations of true horror stories, accompanied by pictures or videos and music. He has also done countdown lists, such as counting down the 25 creepiest gifs of all time as well as the 16 creepiest things ever said by children.

Mortis Media has done collaboration videos with other horror narrators and his work has appeared on other channels. Some narrators he has worked with include Joey's Nightmares, Killer Orange Cat, Frybro and The Crypt . He has over 70,000+ subscribers, and over 8,000,000 views.

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