Over the years, YouTube has grown to be an incredibly diverse platform. With the growing number of channels being added, and the growing number of states and other territories, this diversity continues to grow. This page compiles the YouTubers with the most subscribers of all 50 US States and as well as 6 territories.

State US Rank Channel Subs Videos World Rank
Alabama 192nd The LaBrant Fam 12.9M 514 471st
Alaska 5,512th Heidi Somers 766K 419 21,587th
Arizona 54th Collins Key 22.7M 248 129th
Arkansas 653rd Paint 4.73M 41 1,820th
California 1st Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes 105M 605 3rd
Colorado 888th Matt and Rebecca 5.23M 811 2,597th
Connecticut 2nd WWE 73M 52K 6th
Delaware 2.019th QJB 2.11M 3.7K 6,748th
District of Columbia 38th Stephen Sharer 8.69M 754 838th
Florida 107th Dream 18.5M 107 263rd
Georgia 816th Piper Rockelle 3.92M 282 2,368th
Hawaii 25th Bruno Mars 26M 67 67th
Idaho 503rd Cute Girls Hairstyles 5.66M 621 1,326th
Illinois 288th Natalies Outlet 8.2M 340 707th
Indiana 90th Michael Jackson 15.3M 100 211th
Iowa 999th superkian13 3.39M 40 2,973rd
Kansas 15th (UK) Vsauce 15M 366 224th
Kentucky 4,402nd Xoxo Ella 944K 220 16,648th
Lousiana  9th TheEllenShow 35.2M 11K 26th
Maine 200th PDK Films 10.2M 138 484th
Maryland 66th Lucas and Marcus 18M 521 155th
Massachusetts 232nd Joey Graceffa 9.45M 1.98K 562nd
Michigan 38th Ninja 22.4M 973 97th
Minnesota 218th Chad Wild Clay 9.8M 350 531st
Mississippi 428th TobyGames 6.44M 5.14K 1,077th
Missouri 5th EminemMusic 39.7M 117 15th
Montana 163rd Wassabi 11.6M 964 378th
Nebraska 48th ImagineDragons 20.3M 51 118th
Nevada 180th RiceGum 10.7M 318 445th
New Hampshire 529th TheAtlanticCraft 5.36M 3.22K 1,427th
New Jersey 84th Charlie Puth 15.8M 85 195th
New Mexico 86th Demi Lovato 15.6M 189 199th
New York 13th Trap Nation 27.7M 1.81K 52nd
North Carolina 21st MrBeast 54.1M 714 65th
North Dakota 56th Wiz Khalifa 19.7M 474 132nd
Ohio 50th Logan Paul 20.1M 655 122nd
Oklahoma 220th Ray William Johnson 9.76M 808 536th
Oregon 589th Zach King 8.54M 309 1,616th
Pennsylvania 4th Marshmello 49.1M 383 13th
Rhode Island 2,186th ayydubs 1.8M 208 7,366th
South Carolina 134th SSundee 13.7M 2.3K 321st
South Dakota 3,182nd NakeyJakey 1.3M 110 11,323rd
Tennessee 464th I AM WILDCAT 7.82M 1.63K 2,996rd
Texas 3rd Dude Perfect 47.3M 218 8th
Utah 407th Brooklyn and Bailey 6.62M 403 1,018th
Vermont 2,827th Slimecicle 2.3M 273 10,609th
Virginia 68th ChrisBrownTV 18M 18 158th
Washington 30th Baby Doli - ToyPudding 25.5M 2.7K 80th
West Virginia 7,608th Dante D'Angelo 539K 624 31,250th
Wisconsin 531st videogamedunkey 6.28M 647 1,432nd
Wyoming 4,633rd Grapeapplesauce 1M 1.88K 17,569th
Territory US Ranking Channel Subs Videos World Rank
American Samoa 1st (AS) DODO-G 361K 38 47,955th
Guam 1st (Guam) Aurora Forever 50K 179 273,916th
Northern Mariana Islands 1st (NMI) Bernice Shane Sabino 136K 250 119,615th
Puerto Rico 1st (PR) Ozuna 26.5M 70 60th
US Virgin Island 1st (USVI) Prens Çınar Efe 298K 527 57,866th

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