MostAmazingTop10 is a YouTube channel dedicated to making top 10 lists about various topics. The topics can range from urban legends of various locations, to celebrities, to crime, to humorous videos, and anything else that you could possibly imagine. The channel is run by three hosts, Danny Burke, Rebecca Felgate, and Landon Dowlatsingh. The channel uploads daily, and all three hosts are seen several times every single week. Some of the most popular series on the channel includes the Top 10 Dumbest Tweets, solely run by Danny Burke, and their longrunning and immensely long Urban Legends series, primarily run by Danny Burke but occasionally hosted by Rebecca and Landon. Danny, Rebecca, and Landon also have their own personal YouTube Channels, "Danny Burke", "Rebecca Felgate", and "Landon Productions", respectively, which they also upload videos too on occasion. They also have a sister channl called Top 10 Hindi where a separate host uploads top 10 lists in Hindi with English subtitles.  



  1. Rebecca Felgate
  2. Landon Dowlatsingh
  3. Ayman Hasan
  4. Che Durena

Personality (About More Of Them)

  • Rebecca Felgate
  • Landon Dowlatsingh

Most Popular Video Series

Top 10 Scary Urban Legends (2018-)

Their Urban Legends series is one of the most popular on their channel. It has them going through the most popular Urban Legends of specific regions in the world. It can be specific countries, specific continents, specific states or proviences within countries, or other types of locations. Sometimes they'll even do Urban Legends such as Video Game Urban Legends, anything goes. Fans love these videos becuase of how interesting they can be, especially if said fans are from the area that they're talking about.  

TOP 10 DUBMEST TWEETS (2015-2019)

This was Danny Burke's [former host] long running series that he did from December 20, 2015 - April 5, 2019 and has 52 installments, where Danny went through some of the dumbest tweets that he saw or his fans sended to him and made fun of them. It's still one of the most popular series on the channel, and Danny has stated that it was one of his favorite series that he did as well.  


Another one of the most popular series on their channel, this was where they went through various foods that have been discontinued that are missed. They've made videos talking about general food items, ice creams, candy, discontinued fast food, discontinued sodas, discontinued cerials, and many others.  

Other Videos

Other types of lists or series of lists that they've done include Top 10 Queen Elizabeth Facts, top 10 prison videos, top 10 Creepypasta videos, things you should never say to siri, things you should never Google, dumbest text messages, funniest tweets, scary videos that will keep you up at night, videos related to celebtrities, politicians, and other famous people, videos related to YouTube, this channel bloopers, along with many, many others. 

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