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I am MrBeast's brother, hence the name. Ikr, I'm super creative haha.

―MrBro's channel description

CJ Donaldson, better known online as MrBro, is an American YouTuber. He is known for being the older brother of MrBeast. When MrBeast announced the launch of MrBro on August 25, 2019,[1] his subscriber count grew rapidly. He uploaded his first video on August 28, 2019.[2]

His videos are based on MrBeast's videos, like challenges, etc. MrBeast gave him the money to do his challenges and gave him his editors.


  • MrBeast previously asked his fans whether CJ should become a YouTuber on March 17, 2019.[3]
  • CJ used to work at Walmart.
  • He played basketball and baseball when he was in the Greenville Christian Academy.[4]


Subscriber Milestones

Note: The following dates are according to SocialBlade. Dates may vary by ~1 day (2 days if you live outside of North America) due to differences in time zones.

  • 1 million subscribers: August 31, 2019
  • 2 million subscribers: February 26, 2020


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