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Mike Norris (born: July 1, 1986 [age 34]), better known online as MrKravin, is a Let's Player who mainly covers horror and adventure games. He is known by his viewers to be chill and clear in his videos, giving thought-out commentary and cracking jokes every now and then; rather than screaming and talking over the games he plays. His hat is one of the signature and most well known marks of his channel, however he rarely wears it due to hot weather. MrKravin mostly plays indie horror games (mostly bad or sub-par), full blown higher budget horror games, and adventure games (usually being point and click). His fans do not have their own name yet, though "Kravinators" is one of the most popular terms.


MrKravin is usually a relaxed individual, but can get very frustrated and angry if a game is bad or very difficult. He also can get competitive or "salty" when playing with/against his friends HarshlyCritical, KatFTWynn, and ManlyBadassHero. Usually (sometimes on purpose) doing things to get them killed.

He also has a co-op channel called DangerousToGoAlone with HarshlyCritical where they play co-op games such as Resident Evil 5 and Dead Space 3. This channel is mainly for charity. Every year he'll host a charity stream of extreme length (12 or 24 hours) with HarshlyCritical.

Alongside his daily video production, Kravin also streams twice a week, on Friday playing a certain singleplayer game with a multiplayer game in the last hour with his stream viewers, and a "Survival Sunday" stream where he plays survival-based games.

Kravin is gay and is very open about it to viewers. He likes Indie, Rock, and Metal music. Kravin is also a big anime fan (usually calls himself Weeb Trash), with his favorite anime being One Punch Man.

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