Mr Dinosaur is an Animator
Mr Dinosaur plays video games
Mr Dinosaur is from Switzerland
Mr Dinosaur created their account in 2014
All of Mr Dinosaur's channels have been removed from YouTube
Mr Dinosaur is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Mr Dinosaur was a Swiss YouTube channel that uploads videos of games and reuploads of Family Guy. The video game videos have the titles and settings in Vietnamese while there is music in the background, and most of the game footage is League of Legends either on desktop or mobile. The footage of the gaming videos is around 10 minutes long and are in HD. More recently, there are videos of certain cropped clips of Family Guy in HD which are cropped together to show a general story-line which are also around 10 minute long. The channel name, "Mr Dinosaur" is not related to the character in the Simontive series called "Mr. Dinosaur" on the YouTube channel simontv17 despite having almost the same name.

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