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Multicoolmovies (born: March 15, 2000 (2000-03-15) [age 20]) or Multi is a YouTuber who is mainly known for making stop motion animation videos usually involving Lego or Source Filmmaker. He also makes a comedy/review series called Professor Shadow. Multicoolmovies first video was titled "The lego Zombie My first YouTube Movie".

An official wiki of the channel was created in January of 2020.


On August 12, 2010, Multi joined YouTube and uploaded his first video, titled, "The lego zombie", which got a remake in 2013. He also made two other videos over the next two days titled, "The Spinosaurus" and "The Epic Car Race". Epic Car Race proceeded to get four sequels.

From August 12, 2010, to September 19, 2010, all of the titles of the videos uploaded at the time were changed to say "OLD!" at the start. The reasoning was to let newer viewers know that these were some of the first videos Multi made and were very low quality.

Notable Videos

His most viewed video is currently "Mini minotaur in lego". It is a Lego remake of Tobuscus' "MINI MINOTAUR" song. Despite its popularity, it's Multicoolmovies' second-most hated video he has made (the first being "the lego zombie"). He has actually gone as far as to ban any discussion of it on his channel at all, and it is one of the two videos he has ever disabled comments for. The other one being "Super Mario RPG song in lego", his third most hated video.

His second most viewed video is "Lego Dinosaur Attack". This video was made in late 2011 and got a sequel, "Lego Dinosaur attack 2".

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