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My Story Animated is an Israeli animated storytime telling channel owned by the Israeli app developer Zvoid which is based on stories from the viewers. Most of the videos have an interesting or shocking story such as the unexpected or having strange conditions that take a long time explaining. However, most of the videos are ten minutes long and have custom thumbnails with large text.

Despite each story being completely separate unless indicated by the story itself, each video has the same animation style and graphics. Most of these videos are read out by the person that this story occurred to which is similar to Planet Dolan's new series of allowing voice actors to submit their own stories. Also, these videos can follow under YouTube readers since an audio recording of the videos are the main part of the story, and the author of the story gets to read the story.

These videos are also similar to Storybooth and ACTUALLY HAPPENED and are sometimes confused with one another due to the similar naming. My Story Animated has no external social media presence or a website and is based in Israel.

Jarvis Johnson made a comment mentioned in the community post about responding to various critics and other reviewers in this video.


As of July 2020, My Story Animated has copystruck a YouTuber by the name of Kubz Scouts due to his reactions towards their videos and their reason for this is not giving them credit as they claim he did not give them any and as such his videos containing any of their content in it has been taken down which has lead to a large majority of Kubz Scouts' fanbase to attack My Story Animated's recent videos by leaving comments over the situation.

They had left a post explaining why they did what they did but deleted it as they say no one read it and put up another one but one of the fans of Kubz Scouts has copied their post and sent it to him which was talked about and shared on his video talking about what has happened.

As of now, 2 of their recent videos have been getting disliked while their comment section has been filled with hate comments

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