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Mikyle Rafiq [2] (born: August 13, 2004 (2004-08-13) [age 19]),[1] better known online as N3ON (pronounced Neon), is an American internet personality and live streamer on the streaming website called Kick. He is of Pakistani[3] descent. He mainly did Fortnite videos on YouTube, before doing IRL streams on Kick.

Early Life[]

He was born on August 13th, 2004.[4][5][6][7][8][9] He has a younger brother. He was raised in a Pakistani Muslim[3] family in Houston, Texas. [10] His dad, Rafiq Wazir Ali, was part of a Pakistani Pop/Rock band called Strings from 1988-1992.[11][12]


His content formerly consisted of NBA 2K for approximately 3 years. After this, he started playing Fortnite with Horsing. He is often criticized for his clickbait videos. He made an apology videos for his clickbait and wrongdoings, including faking having COVID-19. He's also known for being toxic online although he seems to be doing it as a joke.

He primarily uploads highlights from his Kick streams to his YouTube channel now. He often collabs and meets other famous people on his YouTube channel.


Faking his death[]

When Neon had around 240K subscribers on December 21, 2019, he uploaded a video titled "N3on Is Dying...".[13] The video claimed that his brother uploaded the video, and it also stated that Neon was in critical condition. The video also claimed that Rangesh had told his brother not to tell others. Rangesh's brother claimed that Neon had suffered a seizure, and had gotten a brain tumor. The same day, a video was uploaded to his second channel consisting of NBA 2K content.

Two days later, on December 23, 2019, he published a video called "N3on's Final Words..." where Neon was in his room, stating that he wanted to give his channel to other people because he doesn't want them to lose his content, stating that he would record videos with other YouTubers so they could still get to see him. He also claimed that if his surgery didn't go too well, he would bleed to death.

Three days later, on December 26, 2019, it was announced that he was "gone" and a compilation video of his best moments was uploaded. 5 days later, a day before new year, on December 31, 2019, he uploaded a video telling his fans that he survived, and it took him only 2 days for him to recover from his brain tumor and seizure.

At this time, another YouTuber under the name of JT decided to make a video exposing him.[14] Other YouTubers have since made opinion videos on N3ON's incident.[15]

Lying about COVID-19[]

3 months after faking his death, Neon uploaded a video called "Meeting A Man With The CORONAVIRUS...", that had a thumbnail showing him in a hospital wearing a mask with someone who had the illness.[15] However, the thumbnail turned out to be partially clickbait. The video consisted of Fortnite gameplay, interviewing with someone online known as A.K.A Siikbot who had COVID-19. He said he couldn't stop coughing every 5 seconds, and that he got COVID-19 because he touched his brother who was already sick with the virus. At Siikbot's live stream video "I got the corona, 100 Game win Streak With Ronnie 2k son", he coughed every few minutes. A week later, he held another livestream, and has not coughed since then.

JT once again made a video exposing Neon.[16] At this time, Neon discovered that JT had exposed him twice. A few days later, he made an apology video for lying about his death, and lying about someone he met with COVID-19.[17] He said that JT has opened his eyes about his wrongdoings. After he made an apology video, he took down his videos about faking death and COVID-19. However, he did not take down the other videos that contained clickbait, even his most viewed video. After he took down the videos, he continued to upload videos normally.

Feud with DD Osama[]

During a livestream in August 2023, N3on did a disrespectful dance called the "notti bop" that mocks the death of Notti Osama, DD Osama younger brother who only was 14 when he was stabbed to death in July 2022. N3on was even seen notti bopping in Japan two months later. Viewers of N3on's stream started to tag DD Osama, who responded on Twitter by calling him a dork and that he didn't even know who N3on was but that he knew who he was, which was saying something. DD Osama also threaten N3on after he announced he was going to take a trip to New York. In December 2023, N3on got jumped by DD Osama and his crew.[18]

In March 2024, N3on and DD Osama had a call with Osama calling him out for mocking his brother's death, which N3on has been continuing to do the disrespect dance. N3on paid DD Osama 50 000 dollars to clear the beef. DD Osama called him "baby boy" and claimed that he isn't from the streets. DD Osama then claimed he didn't want to touch N3on because he wasn't going to gain anything. N3on kept constantly apologising to him for the entirety of the video.[19][20][21][22]

Sub Botting allegations[]

In November 2023, N3on had been accused of using bots in his stream when his number when from 18,000 to 67,000. Twitter user GT3RS posted "Nah come on now. Let's not make it so obvious. 3,750 likes in 2 minutes with 750 comments. 19k likes & 950 comments 1 minute later."[23]

Threatening Donald Trump/Banned from UFC 296[]

On December 16, 2023, N3on and his friend Sneako purchased a ticket to attend UFC 296 pay-per-view, but before making his way to the arena he posted a video on Instagram sharing his intention of confronting U.S. President Donald Trump.[24] The UFC got wind of Neon's intentions and had him banned from the event.

During the UFC 296 post-fight press event, Dana White confirmed that Neon was not allowed to enter the building after making threats and “talking dumb sh*t.”[25]

Feud with VitalyzdTv[]

On January 14, 2024, N3ON held a fan meeting along with fellow YouTubers Bradley Martyn and Sam Frank. During the livestream, N3ON was asked by prank YouTuber Vitaly for an autograph and flipped through a series of printed images out of the camera's view. However, the photo's contents were sufficient to get a reaction out of the crowd and for Sam Frank to take offense. Vitaly was approached by Sam Frank, who spat on his face. Vitaly called the police on Sam. However, Sam agreed to apologize to Vitaly for her actions. Vitaly dropped the charges at the time, but he went on to file another police report at the station on live broadcast.[26]

On January 18, N3ON and Vitaly got into a verbal and physical altercation before Vitaly's boxing match with Bryce Hall. Before the match, N3ON spent some time interacting with Vitaly, but things quickly got heated between the two. Vitaly asked for a bottle of water, and N3ON responded "Can I trust that? No way you just gave him water, bro. What the f**k?". When Vitaly heard this, he decided to spill water on N3ON, which he retaliated by grabbing the bottle of water from Vitaly and aggressively pouring the contents on his face. Vitaly then smashed N3ON's phone. Another moment has gone viral on social media, during which N3ON argued that "no one" cared about Vitaly, stating "I worked hard. I worked smart. There's a reason why no one gives a f**k about you anymore. No one gives a f**k about you! (The Kick streamers start shouting at each other) Oh, it's funny, bro. It's funny. It's so funny bro. You're pathetic."[27]

Altercation on Venom 3 set[]

N3on appeared to be the set of Venom 3 on the streets of Las Vegas, a member of the film crew requested that they refrain from filming the set. In response, N3on security team reportedly pushed aside the crew member, escalating the situation. Despite the altercation, N3on was notably apologetic, promptly announcing their departure. However, it's worth noting that he did observe the individual summoning additional security personnel during the incident. He said: "She’s calling backup."[28]

Accusations of doxxing and pedophilia[]

N3on was streaming talking to fans in a Discord call, when a young fan joined and said "I'll beat the shit out of you and your fat girlfriend. That fat s***. I'll smack her in her face, too, bitch!" This prompted a vitriolic reaction from N3on, who demanded the individual's name with the intention of doxxing him; "What the fuck! And on god, I'm going to dox your entire family. What's your name? What's your name? What's your first name? All I need is your first name. I don't care. What's your first name, bitch? Give me your first name, pussy." N3on took it a step further by making violent remark, suggesting that he would sexually assault him. He said, "I don't give a fuck if you're 10 years old. I will fuck you in the ass till you fucking bleed, bitch. I swear to god! Shut the fuck up, bitch!"[29] Following the stream, Kick banned N3on for the comments, with his profile on the platform no longer accessible.[30] Viewers accused N3on of being a pedophile following the clip. On March 17, N3on posted a video titled "I'm Sorry" claiming that he "made a lot of mistakes" in his online career; "I wanted to sit here and genuinely talk to you guys about what's been going on these past few days and really recap and apologize for everything that I've done, and the mistakes I've made as a person. You know, (in) my career, I've made a lot of mistakes and I've made a lot of, you know, bad decisions.".[31] Following the video, N3on was unbanned 72 hours later by Kick.[32]

Arrested in Dubai[]

In April 2024, N3on and his girlfriend Sam Frank were arrested in Dubai for filming and live streaming without proper permits.[33][34]

Car crash with Squeeze Benz[]

On April 29, 2024, N3on and Squeeze Benz drove a Lamborghini Urus in New York while Squeeze Benz concealed his identity by wearing a helmet and not speaking. As they drove through traffic, Squeeze performed high-speed stunts, leading to the crash. N3on expressed feeling helpless during the incident, stating, "I'm sitting in a car, what the f**k am I supposed to do, bro? Can't just jump out when it's going a hundred miles per hour, bro." N3on's channel was also temporarily suspended after the crash.[35][36]

After the crash went viral online, Squeeze Benz posted severeal stories on Instagram denouncing that it was a "hit and run". On one of his posts, his car's rear bumper was seen crushed as if someone else also crashed into the vehicle. He later added that no law enforcement was called he knew the person who rammed into his white car. Squeeze Benz refuses to call it a "hit and run".[35]


  • He has a cousin who is a Fortnite YouTuber named Buford Rodriguez (born: December 23, 2005 (2005-12-23) [age 18]), better known online as Horsing.
  • He has Crohn's disease.
  • According to his house tour video in his second channel N3on2k, he moved in from San Jose, California to Chicago, Illinois with his older brother Paryeet.[37]
  • He weighs 113 pounds (51kg).[38]



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