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Leila Anderson, also known as Naked Traveler, The Vagabond and White Witch, is a vlogger, artist and musician. She is best known for leaving her home town and travelling the world, usually travelling to places where she can be naked.



Leila's main channel is NAKED TRAVELER, which includes videos of her travels to various locations around the world. Her earlier videos on the channel are various bits and pieces before she began travelling. The first few videos of Leila's travels were before she had become the Naked Traveler. Since the 27th of May 2019, the channel has been focused on Leila's life and travels as the Naked Traveler, often travelling to naturist-related locations like clubs, camps and towns. Leila has also used this channel for uploading music videos of some of the music she has recorded, as well as some art-related videos.


NAKED TRAVELER NEW LIFE is much the same, but with less nudity. The channel was started before Leila's main channel, but Leila only began uploading videos to this channel in December 2019.


Leila also runs the channel called NAKED TRAVELER SHAMAN. This channel began with various DIY music, music which was made with a variety of household objects and sounds. After a few months of not uploading, Leila began using this channel again, this time uploading behind the scenes of several nude or topless photoshoots across Europe, as well as a few other videos.

Leila Anderson The Artist

Leila's inactive art channel, Leila Anderson The Artist, consists of a few art-related videos, usually demonstrating how to create something using something else. The channel also included a short documentary about Leila. All videos were uploaded in September 2018, and it has been inactive since.

Snoopy Channel

Snoopy Channel is the smallest of Leila's accounts with just over 300 subscribers as of May, 2020. The channel focuses on Leila's dog, Snoopy.


  • Leila uses the name White Witch when recording music.
  • Leila's brother also has a YouTube account called realar.
  • Being a traveller, Leila has lived all across the world. Before becoming a traveller, Leila lived in England.


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