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Stephen Daniel Griego (born: September 12, 1968 (1968-09-12) [age 51]), known online as NETWORK23STUDIOS ​ and by the informal nickname 'ElSteveo', is an openly gay Christian vlogger. He lived in San Leandro, California USA, but has relocated to Union City, and is of Latino and Native American descent. He is an active Christian Minister and Bishop through his ministry, Diversity Life Ministries.


His channel's videos fall into generally two categories, vlogs, and visual entertainment. In regular vlogs, he will talk candidly and loosely about his responses to current affairs and personal developments in his life. In the past, he has used his vlogs to describe the ongoing difficulties and challenges he has faced: giving care to his infirm mother, coping with her death and his subsequent homelessness and poverty.

He also makes videos in which he mimes to the soundtrack of classic pop songs, sometimes impersonating the singer's physical style in costumes, in spirited highly entertaining performances. 

Stephen had been on YouTube for some time, and still has many supporters, when he made the video that brought him YouTube fame and made him briefly famous in the American media. A rendition of Chocolate Rain, a phenomenally popular creation of  YouTuber Tay Zonday, sung on video in a maybe unintentionally absurdly monotone key, out of sync with the song's notes, quickly became viral, getting millions of hits. The previously widely unknown YouTuber found himself not only a YouTube legend overnight, but also featured on US media slots, and linked to Perez Hilton's website.   

Stephen is still active on YouTube at his new home in Union City, Ca. where he shares living with his friends that he has known for 25 plus years. He plans many more videos in the future. He is somewhat limited to vlogs but may establish his usual regular, witty videos he is known for. His current supporters know him for who he is and understand him.

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