Nameless is a Musician
Nameless is from Sweden
Nameless is male
Nameless created their account in 2019
Nameless is a Content Creator on YouTube

The Nameless, or simply just Nameless, (also known as IHaveNoName) is a Swedish YouTuber that uploads videos mainly about NCS statistics and information.


Nameless's content includes various videos related to NoCopyrightSounds (NCS). When Nameless started his content, he stated that he loves to make videos and listen to NCS, so he combines the two.

On Nameless's 2nd channel, he ranks artist discographies on NCS, random EPs, NCS months, Monstercat compilations, and more.

Nameless also has a 3rd channel named No, No, and No. This channel is for testing purposes only.

Nameless is a member of New Generation, a ranking group that consisted of him, Yosefoslapper, Kosmita, Wishimaru, and Impulse. The channel is currently inactive. He Will Upload Next Year.


Nameless joined YouTube in 2019 uploading whatever NCS content he feels like doing. His first Top 100 Most Popular NCS songs video became known to the NCS community and Nameless began to grow quickly in subscribers. This content included top 100 most viewed NCS artists, NCS songs with multiple genres, and guess the NCS song.

He joined VIP NCS Fans in 2020 and began to make ranking videos on a new channel. Nameless's first few ranking videos had reasonings that weren't really respectful to the artists, so he had to delete them and provide nicer thoughts on the songs, even if he doesn't enjoy them.

However, due to school and COVID-19 Pandemic, Nameless began to upload less and less. Over the course of time, Nameless began to upload less and lose interest on NCS and quit making stat videos altogether. He also left VNF because it was about NCS and he wasn't active there. Next Year He Will Upload NCS 10 Years Anniversary 14:08:2021 From (2013-2021) Every Single Non-Deleted/Privated NCS Songs On 31:02:2021 From [SirensCeol - Coming Home To Alex Skrindo, Severin & Like Lions - Heart].

Next Year He Will Upload.

He Will Also Join VNF Because It Was About NCS. And He Will Become Active There Next Year.

At 31 December 2021.


  • Nameless's first profile picture was the background of Disfigure - Summer Tune.
  • Nameless hearts and replies to most comments really quickly, as fast as 10 seconds.
  • It is believed that he hearts all the comments except for the replies. But over time, he began to check each comment before hearting it.
  • Initially Nameless's thumbnails contained oversaturated versions of NCS thumbnails, but over time it became whatever he felt like.
  • Nameless receives 1K+ views on most videos.
  • Nameless has a total of 12 YouTube accounts, with only 1/3 of them having videos.