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Nash Grier (born: December 28, 1997 (1997-12-28) [age 21]) is an American teenager who became nationally known in 2013 for his online Vine videos, which are usually 6-seconds long. As of April 2014 he is the most popular star on Vine. According to New York magazine Grier "is a God-fearing Christian who frequently consults his iPhone's Bible app while on the road." Daily Dot estimates that between Twitter, Vine, and YouTube posts Grier speaks to more than 14 million fans as of July 2014.[1] Huffington Post noted in August 2014 that Nash has 9 million followers on Vine, 9.9 million on Instagram, 4.6 million on YouTube and 6.9 million on Twitter, giving him "higher social media ratings than the White House."[2] Nash's team "confirmed that major brands will pay the star between $25,000 to $100,000 to plug their products" in vines.[2]

He attended Davidson Day School in North Carolina.[3]


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2014 "Mmm Yeah" by Austin Mahone Himself Lyric Video


Nash has appeared on Good Morning America twice.[4] Grier and his best-friend Cameron Dallas have accepted a movie deal with AwesomenessTV to star in their own movie.[5] They have a combined number of followers on Vine of more than 11 million.[6]

Nash has a PR company, 26MGMT, to "manage who gets access to him," and three managers including his father Chad.[2] In spring 2014 he moved to Los Angeles, California with Cameron, another Vine star Nash met through the site, so the aspiring actors could be near their agents.[2] Chad Grier helps run 26MGMT which focusses on Vine stars and includes five clients including Nash, Cam, and Nash's younger brother Hayes.[2] Nash has earned money with deals from Sonic and Virgin Mobile among others, he also has a deal with Mobli so encourages his fans to follow him there.[2]

Nash mostly self-taught on how to make videos including studying other Vine stars to see what would get the largest audience.[2] The most popular Vine stars at the time were "almost all men and many of them are God-fearing Christians who bleep f-bombs and steer clear of sex."[2] Nash's "apparent spontaneity", Huffington Post states, is actually shrewdly crafted and scripted programming, with clips re-filmed many times, and can be edited for hours.[2] He is also careful to post them in the afternoon when teenagers are getting done with school.[2] Nash has a second Vine account, Nash Grier 2, for less-scripted and reworked content that doesn't "entertain everyone."[2]

Video controversies

Huffington Post noted catarina pinto in August 2014 that despite only doing his vines and videos for about a year Nash has had great success but also many controversies with his posts including being "called sexist, racist and homophobic."[2] Grier has gained attention and criticism for some of his work which has offended people, including many of his followers. A video mocking Asian names, "How asians name their children..." in September 2013 was seen as racist.[2] Another post in December 2013 YouTube video he made with friends and social media stars JC Caylen and Cameron Dallas that has been criticized as sexist.[7] The three young men attempt to "dictate what a girl should and should not do" in the entry entitled What Guys Look for in Girls.[7] Huffington Post Teen noted, "According to the video if they're not the type of girl they describe, then they'll probably 'never be loved.'"[7] The DailyDot noted Grier's following "largely consists of teenage girls."[8] The nine-minute long video consisted of the three stating what girls should be in order to attract guys, including criticizing physical aspects they don't like, the video was up for five days where it "gathered major backlash over what many viewers felt were the boys’ reinforcement of horrible beauty and behavioral standards in young women who already battle with low self-esteem."[8] He later took the video down due to backlash, but others reposted it.[9]

Grier has been criticized by various media outlets for disparaging comments against LGBT people.[6][10] In April 2013, Grier posted a vine to his 8.7 million followers where he said, "Yes, it is! FAG!" in response to an OraQuick at-home oral HIV test ad which stated, "It's not a gay thing."[11][12] Grier later deleted the vine, but it had already spread online,[11] after Vine user Munera re-uploaded in April, 2014.[13]Towleroad stated Grier had a history of "making homophobic remarks on social media (and then deleting them)."[11] "Grier hasn’t acknowledged the deleted vine or tweets from angry users, instead only promoting a new video about dealing with haters online," noted BuzzFeed.[14][15] A Snapchat photo of Grier kissing a man also went viral, but it is not clear if the image was connected to the recent homophobic post or an old image that had resurfaced.[16] Grier posted an apology on Twitter noting that he was "young, ignorant, stupid and in a bad place. I’ve moved on and learned from my mistakes and I am so truly sorry to anyone I have offended."[1]


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