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Nathan (born: November 22, 1994 (1994-11-22) [age 27]), better known online as NateTalksToYou, is a YouTube vlogger who does rants, reactions & dramatic Readings on his channel.

Early Career

Nate began making videos in 2010. Nate's first videos had quite poor quality and lacked substance. Overtime his videos began to improve in quality - Nate got a better camera, more experience and started putting more effort into his channel.

Dramatic Readings

Whenever Nate made a video criticizing a public figure, he’d receive angry comments from said person’s fans. From 2012 to 2015, Nate featured these comments in a series of dramatic reading videos, with each episode focusing on a particular fanbase. These include PewDiePie fans, Smosh fans, Tobuscus fans and more. Nate and other YouTubers would take turns reading out the comments in over-the-top, humorous voices.

WTF Reactions

WTF Reactions was a reaction video series that ran on Nate’s channel from 2011 to 2015, in which he and fellow YouTubers would react to what was usually NSFW content. Most popular among these videos were his reactions to the hentai Boku No Pico and Bible Black, as well as pornographic Flash animations of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.


My Little Pony Hentai Porn Reaction (2nd Edition)

One of Nate's My Little Pony reaction videos.

Other channels

Nate also has 2 other channels: NateTalks2You (now known as NateTalkstoYou Extras) and NateMakesVids (Now known as Shitpost Station). NateTalks2You has mainly been used to upload bonus content related to his main channel, as well as some video projects he's done for school. NateMakesVids features a lot of random content, including short joke videos and archived content.

Media Appearances

Bongcheon-Dong Ghost Reaction

On August 26th, 2011, Nate posted a video of him and his friends reacting to the South Korean horror webtoon “Bongcheon-Dong Ghost.” His reaction video, as well as those from other channels, would go on to be featured in various South Korean news articles.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12]



Nate's Reaction

It's Thanksgiving Review

On November 10, 2012, NateTalksToYou made a review of the song "It's Thanksgiving" by Nicole Westbrook. CNN later did a news report on the song, and included a clip from Nate's review.[13]


Nicole Westbrook SUCKS (It's Thanksgiving Review)

Nate's Review


Nicole Westbrook CNN News Report (Featuring NateTalksToYou and OfficialGATG)

CNN News Report