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Nathaniel Bandy has more than One Million Subscribers
Nathaniel Bandy plays video games
Nathaniel Bandy is a Reviewer
Nathaniel Bandy is a Vlogger
Nathaniel Bandy is from the United States
Nathaniel Bandy is male
Nathaniel Bandy created their account in 2007
Nathaniel Bandy is a Content Creator on YouTube

Note: parts of this article contain vandalization that has not yet been undone.
It's not melee.

―Nathaniel Bandy

Nathaniel Bandy (born: October 12, 1993 (1993-10-12) [age 28]), formerly known as naeroikathgor, is an American YouTuber who focuses mainly on Nintendo games. There are many different series on Nathaniel's channel, with the most popular being his Top 10 and TRIGGERED series. Nathaniel Bandy is a member of the Nintendo YouTuber group Minus World.

History & Content

The development of Nathaniel’s channel has occurred over the space of 13 years, but can easily be split into four stages, marked by his four different video intros, as they have evolved over time: 1) No set intro 2) Striving for originality 3) Spinning, 3D NB logo (reminiscent of N64 logo) 4) The Modern Nathaniel Bandy logo (on various backgrounds).

Intro One - No Set Intro

The first Nathaniel Bandy video (launched 23rd August 2007), like the seven that succeeded it, were done anonymously. They had titles like: “The faceless board breaker’ and ‘The faceless Ripsticker’, and each clip would be edited to feature a black rectangle that would conceal Nathaniel’s face from the viewers. The first video to show his face was a ‘rock band commercial’, released on the 28th November 2008, which featured a 15-year-old Nathaniel Bandy (looking pre-teen in appearance), playing guitar hero instruments with some friends. This ‘commercial’ was the first of many guitar hero videos, but they were all deleted by YouTube because the videos featured rock songs from guitar hero, breaching copyright.

In 2009, the channel changed direction. It once again focussed on skits, but no longer anonymously. Many of these videos were spoofs of various commercials, but other videos include pillow fights and Nathaniel battling his ‘evil clone’- which may have been the precursor for Nathaniel squabbling with his brother Bathaniel Nandy in modern videos.

By 2011, Nathaniel had released his first video game commentary video-’Top 15 Hardest Super Mario 64 stars!! (Based off my 8-9 year old perspective)’. It has received 798K views to date, and is his most-viewed video of that year. It notably also the first video to feature a thumbnail with the letters ‘NB’ on them, which would feature on all future gaming videos for a time. Nathaniel continued to do skits afterwards, but generally more controlled, although a video featuring the gaming emblem ‘NB’ was not released until the next year, which video centred around Monopoly.

Intro Two - Striving For Originality

He went on to create his first Predicting set of videos- seven of them, which centred around Super Smash Bros 4. He made his last spoof commercial- of a PS3 advert- and then made two more top ten videos. After releasing a Predicting video about Mario Kart 8 , he then released a top-ten video about Mario powerups. This was the first to feature a simple NB animation as his intro, that involved a flash, the letters NB in the font Comic Sans MS moving around the screen, and the slogan ‘Striving for originality’ appearing in the bottom right of the screen. The intro would use different colour schemes in each video.

In this key stage of Channel Development, Nathaniel defined his channel with many series of Top Tens and Predicting videos. His predicting Smash Bros 4 line lasted 25 videos, and ‘Superman 64 | How will Nathaniel Rage’ was the first to feature an improved version of the intro, which is detailed more in the ‘trivia’ section of this article.

In 2015, when Nintendo President Saotoru Iwata died, Nathaniel released a video titled ‘R.I.P Iwata. You will be missed’, which featured no intro but cut straight to Nathaniel talking about him.

This is Nathaniel’s longest-used intro, and this stage featured Nathaniel releasing videos twice weekly. Most of his retired video series were introduced in this stage of development.

Intro Three - 3D Spinning NB Cube

2016 marked the beginning of what one might call Nathaniel’s ‘professional videos’. His intro was tidy and effective, his thumbnails were eye-catching and he began to retire series that were not up to standard.

He began his ‘Reacting’ series, mostly reacting to his old videos, and started his most popular series- ‘TRIGGERED’- on 4th December 2016, with the video ‘How Super Mario 3D Land TRIGGERS You!’, and made his first ‘MIND-BLOWING’ video the next year about the same year. He also made a companion to his first ever video game video, which he titled ‘Top Ten Easiest Super Mario Galaxy 2 Stars’.

Towards the end of this stage, he mainly focussed on ‘TRIGGERED’ and ‘MIND-BLOWING’ videos, because of the sheer amount of content to cover.

On 4th March 2018, he made his final video with the NB Cube intro (which was based off the N64 loading screen, of a spinning N cube) which was titled, “Newer” Super Mario Bros. DS (And Sit-Ups).

In his latest stage in video making, Nathaniel comes across as an expert as he selectively chooses which videos he will make and not make. He releases a wide variety of videos, including his new ‘Is it possible…? Series, which has received 15 videos to date. It seems that he has the capacity to be able to continue ongoing series, whilst expertly interspersing them with ‘random one-off videos’ that are done to the highest quality. He does live-streams from time to time, and notably never uses any bad language or sex references, as he very occasionally did in earlier videos.

In this stage, he started his ‘twelve days of Nintendo series’, which is set to be fully replaced by ‘Nintendo Rewind’ (a parody of YouTube rewind) in December 2021.

He gained about 250,000 subscribers between December 2019 and December 2020, which is a testament to the rapidly-increasing quality and popularity of his videos, and had receive the YouTube gold play button (1 Million subscribers) on December 11, 2021. During this time, Nathaniel also created a channel where he will upload daily clips from his past videos and had uploaded 32 days in a row across both his channel and Bathaniel's channel.

On March 26, 2022, Bandy's channels were hacked by bitcoin scammers. The main account became known as MicroStrategy (an impersonation of a bitcoin company of the same name), while Bathaniel Nandy became Ethereum [ETH]. As of April 9, he regained all the channels he owns, this didn’t happen to just him, this also happen to other YouTubers.

Current Series

Most of Nathaniel Bandy's videos are split into series. Below is a list of series that are currently running on Nathaniel's main channel.

The Good and Bad of

First appearance: 10th April 2022. This series combines the previous TRIGGERED! and MIND BLOWING series together into one video, which alternates between Nathaniel Bandy listing the negative and Bathaniel Nandy listing the positive.

Is it Possible... ?

First appearance: 9th December 2018. In this, one of his newest series, Nathaniel tries to beat Mario games in unusual ways- such as backwards, without touching the ground or whilst touching every coin. He can use as many world warps as he likes so long as he defeats the final Boss whilst fulfilling the challenge. The challenges are generally impossible, mainly due to inexplicable design choices on Nintendo's part.

Top 10/Ranking Collection

In this video series, Nathaniel picks a topic and lists the Top 10 things about that topic, or ranks all of the things from worst to best.


This is a series where Nathaniel reacts to his old videos or videos by other people, such as Nicobbq's video on why Pink Gold Peach from Mario Kart 8 is a good character (Nathaniel is infamous for despising the character Pink Gold Peach). More recently, he has also posted REACTING videos for each of Nintendo's Direct Mini Presentation in 2020-2021.

Predicting Future Nintendo Games

Predicting Future Nintendo Games is a series where Nathaniel makes predictions for Nintendo games that he wants to see made. So far, Nathaniel has made predictions for Super Smash Bros 4, Mario Kart 8, Mario Kart 9, Super Mario 64 2, SplaTWOon, Super Mario Galaxy 3, Super Mario Odyssey and Super Smash Bros 5. An entry in the series titled "Predicting Super Mario Sunshine 2" was originally in production, but was canceled in favor of the Super Mario Odyssey prediction series.

The Grading/Tier List Series

The Grading series is a series where Nathaniel grades video game elements. So far, Nathaniel has graded Mario Kart 8 tracks, Splatoon weapons, Mario characters and fake video game anti-piracy screens. Though originally discontinued in one of Nathaniel's first channel reforms around 2015, it was brought back in 2020/2021 as tier list making in a one off video, as well as a speedrun.

Nathaniel Bandy Speedrun

Nathaniel tries speedrunning a game, and goes live on YouTube as he does it. Usually achieves a novice time (with the exception of Among Us, where he holds the unofficial world record) but he receives hundreds of dollars every time from fans doing super chats. In a Super Mario 3D World video, he received almost $300 dollars.


Nathaniel attempts to play Mariokart and 3D Mario games in reverse. None have been released since their 21 appearances in 2018, however, no new Mario Kart tracks or 3D Mario games have been released since. It remains to be seen if the series will be revived once a new game is released. It is possible that it has been subsumed by the 'Is it possible...?' series.

Twitch Livestream Edit

Though not the official name, he usually does livestream edits to his Twitch channel which is named NathanielBandy.

Random one-off video

Nathaniel's lesser viewed, but often quirky videos. Voted the least popular in a poll. Features titles such as 'Mario Party mini-games that could work in Fall Guys' or 'accursed Mario photoshops'.

12 Days of Nintendo

Nathaniel creates a song every year, in the style of "Twelve Days of Christmas". In that song he recaps what Nintendo has done this year. The 2020 installment is differnet compared to the other ones, as, around the end of the regular song, the beat changes to "Astronomia" and then proceeds to change into many other songs. Another difference is that it has a lot of other "Nintendo YouTubers", like SmallAnt, Scott The Woz, Mayro, Nintendrew and many more. Also, instead of just Charriii5 singing, now octolinghacker sings some parts too.

Nathaniel Bandy Originals

First appearance: 31st May 2017. These are original videos mainly about Mario and other Nintendo games. They follow a linear story where Nathaniel and other YouTubers team up to defeat the villainous SimpleFlips. Last episode premiered on December 12th, 2021, which returned to Super Mario 64 Mini Hacks but bringing Bathaniel Nandy and Nathaniel Nandy as deuteragonists.

Discontinued Series


First appearance: 4th December 2016. This was a series where Nathaniel lists all the negative things about various video games, and jokingly points out logic as well. He has a fictional brother named Bathaniel Nandy, which is usually part of the videos, and Nicobbq who he sometimes collabs with. It is also his most active series. Since the release of "The Good and Bad of" series, this series has been integrated with MIND BLOWING.


This was a series where Nathaniel lists all the positive things about various video games- fundamentally the opposite of TRIGGERED, and is another very-active series. He usually make the triggered video than makes the mind blowing video after. Since the release of "The Good and Bad of" series, this series has been integrated with TRIGGERED!

Smash 'N' Compare

Smash 'N' Compare is a series where Nathaniel compares characters, items, and costumes from the Super Smash Bros franchise and compares them to the original. After nine episodes, Nathaniel cancelled the series because it was very hard to make. However, two people named Dillon (GamingTV120) and Austin (karatekidaustin) approached Nathaniel about continuing the series on his channel, and sure enough, he did. Smash 'N' Compare has been revived and is now going strong. Smash 'N' Compare is uploaded 1-3 times a month. However, as of September 2016, the series appears to be on hiatus.

Nathaniel Bandy Reviews

This is a series where Nathaniel Bandy reviews games that he has played that recently came out.


In this video series, Nathaniel lists a certain amount of facts about a certain topic.

Discussions and Stuff

These are discussions that Nathaniel has with PieGuyRulz revolving around Nintendo, YouTube, and other types of topics.

How Will Nathaniel Rage??

How Will Nathaniel Rage?? is a series where Nathaniel plays a very hard game (ie: Contra), then will have 3 segments where Nathaniel gets very angry, then you will have 3 questions on what will Nathaniel do, and then Nathaniel will do one of them. Some of them are very extreme and some aren't. If you pick the right rage option, you win a "prize" that makes no sense at all. Some examples are: Your poop, Gold star in 200 years, Game of ping pong with NB in the year 9999. On December 20, 2015, the series was canceled and moved to "Classic NB," but on March 14, 2016, Nathaniel revived the show and currently makes new episodes monthly. However, as of July 2016, the series appears to be on hiatus.

The Acapelling Series

The Acapelling series is a series where Nathaniel plays a game on mute and uses his mouth to recreate the sounds.

Nathaniel Bandy Direct

Appearance: 22nd December 2020. Nathaniel Bandy Direct is a parody of a video series that Nintendo makes called "Nintendo Direct." In the series, Nathaniel announces various shows and updates coming to his channel. Nathaniel Bandy Directs are uploaded once a year every December, but the series didn't receive any videos after its first.

NB Happy News

NB Happy News was a News Show which was discontinued, He has since made private the videos and the only archive of it appears How Nathaniel Bandy TRIGGERS You!

The Faceless Board Breaker

When Nathaniel started his channel, he uploaded videos where a black square would be above his face as he breaks a board. In his triggered video about himself, he stated that those videos were very random since they had nothing to do with Nintendo.

Other Channels

Aside from his main channel, Nathaniel also has a Let's Play channel called Nathaniel Bandy's Cliche Let's Plays and an archive channel called Classic NB. He once had a vlog channel called Bathaniel Nandy, but he later deleted it, as he announced that he will be moving all the content from that channel to his Let's Play channel, renamed Nathaniel Bandy 2, along with the videos from Classic NB, which lasted from January 1, 2017, to May 31, 2018. The second channel is now used for content under the Bathaniel Nandy pseudonym, and was renamed Bathaniel Nandy.

Nathaniel created a third channel in July 13, 2021 called Nathaniel Bandy Clips, where he will be uploading daily clips from his previous videos. The channel was originally called Bandy Clips before Nathaniel Nandy was introduced in Nathaniel's videos. But then Nandy decided not to upload clips on the channel anymore and the name was changed back, just with his first name added to it, and it will remain that way for a while.


  • He officially received YouTube's Silver Play Button on May 26, 2017.
  • His birthdate is October 12 according to the September 2018 Nintendo Direct he created. Furthermore, it's when he reacts to the new Luigi's Mansion 3DS when he says "Wait, That's coming out on my birthday".
  • He has lived in many places in his life, but he lived in Norway from ages 7-10.
  • He started uploading videos in 2007 at the age of 13
  • He once said Super Mario Galaxy sucks and that Super Mario Galaxy 2 is way better.
  • He also said that Super Mario World is better than Super Mario Bros 3, but he doesn't like Super Mario World, due to its controls.
  • He does streams on or on his YouTube channel at periodic times.
  • He is one of the members of Minus World.
  • His original YouTube name was naeroikathgor.
    • Naeroikathgor was an old password of his for websites that he says are mostly down.
  • His original intro used to say him saying his name, then exploding, then saying “striving for originality” afterwards. If it's a top ten video, after the intro, he would say “This Top 10 is brought to you by VectorStar Productions” (the company who makes his top ten lists and effects.)
  • He hates the newer Mario Mobile games because of Stamina, Gacha, In-app purchases and so on. That's something he liked about Super Mario Run-- he said "You pay the $10, and you’re good to go".
  • Nathaniel had a special addiction to Super Mario Run, because of that he made various videos: "How Super Mario Run TRIGGERS You!", "Top 10 Things Super Mario Run Needs", "Super Mario Run Review - Is the $10 Worth it?" and later he made "Super Mario Run 2.0 UPDATE!", in which he talked about the update and the lazy new characters (Yoshis), and "Super Mario Run - Trying to unlock Daisy!" in which he put his Remix 10 gameplay. It is unclear if he still enjoys it.
  • He infamously despises Pink Gold Peach, Because he thinks that she is a unnecessary variant of Princess Peach from the Super Mario Bros. series first introduced in Mario Kart 8.
  • He also dislikes the LEGO Mario sets due to Mario being "creepy" when turned off, calling it 'cursed' and 'wretched' (This premise later sparked a series in which LEGO Mario is alive and out to get Nathaniel.)
    • In a skit at the end of his Among Us TRIGGERED video, Nathaniel and his friends had to do tasks around his house, but Lego Mario was the impostor and murdering people.
  • He has appeared on YouTube's trending page once in this video.
  • Nathaniel Bandy's avatar is drawn by Charriii5 and his old avatar was drawn by Starny.
    • In a skit at the end of his Mario Party Superstars MIND-BLOWING video, Nathaniel B., Bathaniel, and Nathaniel N. fought over a bag of Tostitos, with Charriii being the judge. But all three Nathaniel's end up being busted by him, and as a result, only Charriii got the bag of Tostitos.
  • On March 26, 2022, his YouTube channel (along with the Bathaniel Nandy and Minus World channels) got hacked by a group impersonating MicroStrategy and as a result the majority of his videos were removed, the channel was rebranded as "MicroStrategy" which set up a livestream relating to Bitcoin and Ethereum.
    • According to his tweets, he had two factor authentication enabled on his accounts. As such, it is currently unknown how exactly his account got hacked.
    • According to this tweet, the hacker moved the channels over to a different email address.
    • As of March 29, 2022, Nathaniel managed to recover his channel and uploaded a video regarding the incident.


  • Gamers, welcome to my boulders! (Bathaniel Nandy intro)
  • WARNING!! The following video is over-exaggerated. Most opinions shared aren't accurate to my thoughts and feelings. (TRIGGERED intro)
  • My Favorite Part of This Track is The Jack Off Bridge.
  • With that said, let's get'r'ranked! (Ranking intro)
  • Get ready to see how X is mind-blowing in 3...2...1... (MIND-BLOWING series)


Subscriber milestones

  • 1 million subscribers: December 10, 2021