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Natigska is a Commentator
Natigska plays video games
Natigska is a News Channel
Natigska is a Reviewer
Natigska is from England
Natigska created their account in 2015
Natigska is a member of the LGBTQ+ Community
Natigska is a Content Creator on YouTube
Natigska has a verified account on Wikitubia

Hey what's going on guys, welcome back to a brand new video!

―Natigska's intro

Nat Forsyth (born: June 15, 2000 (2000-06-15) [age 21]), better known online as Natigska (formerly known as Scrimzox and Nathorix), is an English YouTuber infamous for making rants. They used to rant about Roblox YouTubers, but now mostly covers Roblox Twitter drama.

They often making rants on a YouTuber to “help improve their channel and point out their mistakes”, although many think that Nat just does this to “Throw shade at others and give them hate”. This has lead to much controversy and drama. They made a series called "King of Clickbait" about other Roblox youtubers clickbaiting.

They currently upload daily videos covering the ongoing topics within the Roblox community.

Personal life

They are autistic and transgender non-binary.[1]

They used to date a transgender music artist named Hannah, who's online alias is Hannathorix.[2][3] Their relationship ended after Nat cheated on Hannah.[4]

On September 22, 2021, they opened up about their struggle on gender dysphoria and talked about why them and Hannah broke up. They tried to overdose but has since recovered. On October 10, 2021, They came out as transgender through their Twitter bio. Their pronouns were they/she, but they eventually came to the realization that they probably doesn't have any kind of dysphoria and that it may just be their depression and/or autism, with them estimating that if they were to transition then they might not hate themself as much.

Gambling addiction

On March 7, 2022, Nat posted a tweet of a screenshot on Twitter of them winning £10,000 (roughly $13,000) on an roulette game on an online casino called Virgin Games. They also said "Suck my d*ck. All of it. Now." as a vulgar way of boasting their big win.[5]

On March 10, 2022, three days after their big win, Nat posted a Twitter thread where they asked their community for donations due to them losing everything they had in their bank account from gambling. Nat then explains that they had £10,000 in their bank account, and turned it into £24,000 after a few days of gambling. They then said that they failed to stop gambling and lost everything, leaving them with "literally nothing." Nat then asked his followers to donate to them via PayPal and CashApp.[6]

They also made a YouTube community post, once again asking their community for donations and linked the Twitter thread explaining their situation. The replies to the YouTube post mostly consist of people criticising Nat for their actions.[7] Back on Twitter, Nat made a snarky reply to someone criticising them for asking donations.[8]


Xonnek feud

Spanish Roblox YouTuber Xonnek was criticized for copying other YouTubers such as Flamingo and Greenlegocats123. Nat then posted a video titled Xonnek Steals Roblox Videos (which has been deleted due to being hacked), talking about the situation, and how Xonnek’s channel should be terminated. Xonnek then did a reaction video, telling his fans to dislike Nat's videos, as well as 3 others ranting on Xonnek. They, yet again, did another rant video on Xonnek and Xonnek’s fans sending hate back at him. Xonnek's main Roblox account (Xonnek2) was also banned.

"Dating" ImSandra

In early 2019, It would appear to many in the Roblox Twitter community that them and im_sandra were dating. Many people were confused about the whole situation because they would always be attacking each other on social media. However, some jokes they had made were inappropriate and cause such YouTubers like greenlegocats123 to make videos on the whole situation and claimed it was illegal activity. They soon made a video about the whole thing saying it was a joke and was originally gonna keep going until April 1st, 2019. They also stated that they would be quitting Roblox, such as the community and the content relating to it. They soon came back to the game after deleting all their videos and making a video saying they had returned, which has also been deleted due to being hacked later on.

Dream unfollowing drama

Nat made a video about Dream getting doxxed, although this turned out to be fake. Dream contacted them on Twitter to clarify this. They understood and took down the video. After taking down the video, Dream followed them on Twitter. The "Dream stans" figured out about this and harassed Dream to unfollow them because of controversial things they had said on Twitter in the past. Dream later contacted him to tell him that Dream should unfollow them to keep a good public status, and they conceded.

Disrespectful graveyard photo

On May 3, 2022, Nat made two posts, one on Twitter and one on their YouTube community page. Both posts consisted a picture of Nat in a graveyard doing a peace sigh with the caption "Visiting Parlos channel today."[9] [10] Parlo is another YouTuber. Nat implied that Parlo's channel was dead with the caption and photo, despite Nat's latest video getting only 11k views in two weeks compared to Parlo's latest video getting over 60k views in a day.[11][12]

Many of Nat's fans on the YouTube community post called them out for being disrespectful by taking a photograph in a graveyard and using it for a joke. Majority of the post replies were negative, with many saying that Nat "took it too far", had been "disrespecting dead people for views and attention", and that Nat was "projecting." Many fans also said that they had "lost respect" to Nat due to this post.[13]


King Of Clickbait series

Natigska is known for their series “King Of Clickbait”. This series features them pointing out some mistakes and cons about certain YouTubers. So far, they have ranted on Hyper, Denis, MyUsernamesThis, Lonnie, ZephPlayz, robloxlover69, Roblox Locus, and Peepguy. Many believe they are just doing this to send hate to others, but Nat has already stated that they do this to help point the mistakes of others. They also showed proof on how these YouTubers were clickbaiting.

From Nathorix to Scrimzox

Nat stated that they had factory reset their phone and laptop, but by doing this, they lost all access to all of their accounts, minus Twitter. They even had contacted YouTube many times, and even if it was helpful, it wasn't a success. With this, Nat decided to drop Nathorix altogether and start a new YouTube channel, Roblox, Twitter, and Instagram account as Scrimzox. Their original deleted first video on Scrimzox was "how to look like you're banned on Roblox".

From Scrimzox to Natigska

They later on rebranded as Natigska and came out as non-binary. They said on a video that they want to leave the clown persona.


On September 26, 2019, Nat's entire social media around Nathorix was hacked. On YouTube, all of his videos were taken down by the unidentified hacker. On Twitter, all of Nat's tweets were deleted, but the hacker tweeted racist things on the Nathorix Twitter account. Nat openly admitted that they used the same passwords on all of his social media accounts, and accounts to play video games, especially from his past. Nat later discovered that some old flash game websites had a database breach, causing people to try passwords from the database dump on pastebin, and get into his Twitter account.

On September 8, 2020, Nat's new channel Scrimzox (later became Natigska) was hacked. On YouTube, all of his videos were privatized by the hacker, and their channel was turned into "XRP Ripple". His channel was terminated at about 5:26 PM EDT that day, but later was restored after Nat spoke with YouTube and got assistance. They discovered that it must have been due to a shady sponsorship Nat had accepted where he was required to download a "beta test version" of a video game to promote in one of Nat's upcoming videos, that failed to launch upon him testing it before recording the sponsorship. A few minutes before the Scrimzox channel was terminated, the channel was rebranded again as "XRP Foundation" with underscores in it's name, which then resulted as a link, which no one should ever click. After a bit, the channel was reinstated back as "Scrimzox", also back in Nat's hands.

On April 24, 2021, Nat's channel Scrimzox got hacked once again, and was once turned back into an "XRP Ripple" account. But this time the channel wasn't called "XRP Ripple" or "XRP Foundation" after it was hacked, it was called "Ripple Foundation [XRP]". There was a livestream put up and all of Nat's videos apart from the livestream were privated. Nat had no idea how this hacking occurred as he had factory reset his computer, hasn't took any kind of sponsorships and even had a Google Titan Security Key. But after a bit of YouTube assistance, he got his channel back and he never got terminated.

On April 12, 2020, They applied for a trademark in the UK for the Scrimzox name and logo.[14] The logo was made by Dasedesigns and them bought it from someone on Fiverr without knowing it was from Dasedesigns.[15] They has changed his profile picture 4 times since, even when they rebranded as Natigska.


  • They are not kid-friendly, but he had attempted to once; to try to become part of the Roblox Star Program group; which is a Roblox group where famous Roblox YouTubers are, and where they can hang out chat with each other. They decided not to be kid-friendly; since they realized that they were black-listed on Roblox, meaning that they cannot join that group.
    • In December 2021, one of their friends who works for Roblox told them that they might be eligible for the Star Program even through they are not family friendly and decided to apply for the Star program.
  • Their videos have been private many times in the past. The first was to attempt being family-friendly. The second was after the whole ImSandra incident. The third was being hacked, in which the hacker deleted all of them. The fourth and most recent time was because they didn't feel like it was appropriate to criticize updates on Roblox, in an attempt to once again be family-friendly to try and mass appeal and grow more efficiently.
  • They have gotten falsely suspended from Twitter multiple times, and has a hatred for Twitter's 'poor' moderation system.
  • They use they/she pronouns.