NecroVMX plays video games
NecroVMX is a Reviewer
NecroVMX is male
NecroVMX created their account in 2006
NecroVMX is a Content Creator on YouTube

John Sierra, better known online as NecroVMX, is a YouTube personality who is primarily known for his playthroughs of video games (usually RPGs), short videos of requested games and reviews of movie franchises/series. He has created various other features such as retrospectives, standalone movie reviews, etc. NecroVMX is noted for his dry sense of humour. He updates regularly, usually with 2 to 3 videos on a Monday to Thursday basis, with no videos on Friday. On the weekends, he uploads podcasts on a seasonal basis. The current shows running are The VMX Show, a video game news show that has currently entered its eighth season, and The List Critics, which is produced in collaboration with Tanya Botehlo, CEO of Kisareth Studios, and is uploaded on a monthly basis. As of March 2014, NecroVMX started uploading The List Critics II, an extension of the regular show which was made primarily because of the amounts of lists being submitted. His co-host for The List Critics II is Jesse Fulling, otherwise known as ArmagideonTime, who served as the original co-host on The List Critics from its very first episode in April 2011, right up until his dismissal from the show on January 2012.

John Sierra is currently the president of Kisareth Studios, an indie game developer who have produced two games so far: Chronicles of a Dark Lord Episode I: Tides of Fate and its sequel, Chronicles of a Dark Lord Episode II: War of the Abyss. Sierra has previously held the positions of Director of Graphic Design and Vice President within the company.