Necroscope86 plays video games
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Necroscope86 is from England
Necroscope86 is male
Necroscope86 created their account in 2008
Necroscope86 is a Content Creator on YouTube

And welcome, folks. Welcome… to another "Let's Play". I'm the Necroscope, and welcome to...

―Necro's intro

Richard (born: August 24, 1986 (1986-08-24) [age 34]),[1] better known online as Necroscope86 (simply known as Necroscope or Necro), was an English gaming YouTuber, who primarily played video games that he either found interesting or that he played during his childhood.


He does not have a preferred genre of video games. He used to play survival games, action-adventure games, horror games retro games, and even role-playing games.

Necro also has a habit of save stating his games, admitting that it is because he is "not the most skilled gamer". This is very prevalent in his Sonic, Resident Evil, and Fallout Let's Plays. It has since become a staple of his Let's Plays.

Retirement from YouTube

Sometime between 2016-2017, Necro stepped down from making YouTube videos and has since deleted his channel in early 2019. There were a number of reasons for why the channel was deleted. However, Necro's own mental health sadly took a nosedive for many reasons, and running a channel became too much. Over the years a number of regrets had built up which was also a reason for this decision and he no longer felt comfortable being on any form of social media.

Additionally, he felt that, at times, he put more effort into gaming/recording content than actually focusing on his real life. Necro's Twitch channel has also been deleted, and he is no longer active in any way in the online gaming community.

On June 1, 2019, the Necroscope86 Archive YouTube channel was created; this is all that remains of his YouTube career. This channel is run by one of his dedicated fans. Archived videos of his "Let's Plays" and other videos are uploaded here when found.

During a recent stream of another Youtuber, it was confirmed that Necro now lives in Europe having moved with his family for a job.

Necroscope86 Archive Channel

The new Necroscope86 Archive YouTube channel has a description dedicated to Necroscope86 after he left YouTube (to confirm the archive channel is not run by Necro, but by a group of fans who have saved videos over the years). The disclaimer on the archive channel says:

"Hello everyone. Recently Necro has deleted his YouTube channel permanently due to personal reasons. This channel is a dedication one where I will try to compile archives of his past LPs that others have uploaded and saved. We will miss you! Take care mate!"

Archived Footage Thanks:

  • MagtheMercenary
  • CookieMunster73
  • SheerSonic
  • Swamp
  • Skidd
  • Marius
  • jlaury1986


  • "A dining room..." (When entering a room in Resident Evil)
  • "That's what she said." (When making a dirty joke)
  • "Open says me." (When he opens a door in-game)
  • "Mother hubbard!" (Substitute for swearing)
  • "Woof!" (When annoyed after a jump-scare)
  • "Well... that was Resident Evil 4, folks... Now... I'm not a hundred percent sure on what to make of that... Well no, actually I do; I enjoyed lots of the game. Okay? I enjoyed loads of it. But... I enjoyed loads of it, right? But... I dunno! I did enjoy it. I think the only frustration I've got with it is that I'm- y'know what, folks, I'm just gonna say it; I love this game. And, the more that I've played it... I only played it very briefly in my childhood... The more I've played it, I do actually see - believe it or not - I do actually see this is, in my opinion, a valid, valid entry into the Resident Evil franchise. Now, don't get me wrong; it's not a 'classic' Resident Evil, but this game had me scared at times, which is more so than I can say for, for example, Resident Evil 3. One part of this sums up my argument... Regenerators. They are... horrible. [...] So, as much as I say it's not a Resident Evil in the true sense of the word, this is the new generation, and I did enjoy it for what it was... I can't believe I've done it, folks... I dunno- I always thought, as well, that the Plaga idea wasn't that scary... but... well played, Capcom! Well played... I can honestly say I've completed Resident Evil 4, I can't quite believe that. One thing I will say for it as well; it's a huge game! Oh my gosh, I like Resident Evil 4... What is going on in the world? (Upon completing Resident Evil 4 for the first time)

Other channels

Necro also had a second channel; Father, Gamer, Nerd. This was deleted alongside his main channel, and no data has since been recoverable on it.

Games Played


  • He named himself after his favorite book, Necroscope.
  • He has a daughter, with whom he made a few gaming videos.
  • Judging by his username, he created his channel when he was 21.
  • He is a fairly skilled pianist.
  • When he was a child, his mother took him on a ten-hour trip as he was nearing the end of Sonic 2, forcing him to pause the game. After ten hours of his Mega Drive paused, he got back home and finished the game.
  • As a child, he and his friends were about to climb over a tall fence. His friends climbed over and jumped down unharmed, but when Necro climbed and jumped off, he broke his ankle after landing wrong.
  • He is fond of the song "Dragostea Din Tei".
  • In his Resident Evil Director's Cut playthrough, it is revealed that he is a fan of Dad's Army and Full Metal Jacket.
  • He pronounces 'combine' as 'combined', and 'combined' as 'combineded'. This is especially prevelant in his Resident Evil 4 playthrough.


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