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Nerd City is a Commentator
Nerd City is from the United States
Nerd City is male
Nerd City created their account in 2015
Nerd City is a Content Creator on YouTube

Nerd City, also known as Doctor Downvote, is an American YouTuber who focuses on unveiling shifty practices on YouTube. With the help of his girlfriend (Nicky Lochlear) and good friend (Ask The Devil), he has gone on to spread information regarding YouTube censorship and oust content creators such as Jake Paul, Tana Mongeau, and DaddyOFive.

Nerd City is also known for his new-retro lighting/ editing and his outreach with fellow YouTubers.


Doctor Downvote

Nerd City, under his mad scientist alter ego: Doctor Downvote, brings to light the unethical or borderline illegal activity of popular Youtubers. He has also done informative videos on Youtube's secret tags and demonetized words & phrases.

Ask The Devil

Ask The Devil follows a Q&A format. In full makeup, The Devil participates in mock interviews, all while critiquing on celebrities, technology, and pop culture.

Thot Patrol

Thot Patrol is an exposé series, detailing the countless lengths e-celebs and Instagram models go through to fake glamorous photographs. Photo manipulation is a common tactic employed by these tricksters, and the Thot Patrol is here to call them out on it.


Nerdline dissects the response videos of popular YouTubers. In two particular instances, Nerd City exposes the lies of Jake Paul and SSSniperWolf.

The Try Hards

The Try Hards trilogy features Nicky Try Hard and Nerd City on an adventure across Europe. Their mission is to grow an Instagram account, so the SoundCloud rappers can "slide into Nicky's DMs". They are not afraid to duplicate other models' shots, fake body proportions with temporary implants/ photoshop, or abuse the system in any way to achieve that fame. The Try Hards concluded on January 29th, 2018.

How To Make Merch

YouTuber merchandise is thoroughly examined on its originality/ style/ cost, in this two part series. Nerd City also explains how to approach and commission freelance artists. How To Make Merch concluded on June 28, 2019.

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