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Nexpo plays video games
Nexpo is from the United States
Nexpo is male
Nexpo created their account in 2017
Nexpo is a Content Creator on YouTube

Nexpo is an analytical channel where he creates video essays that focus on internet mysteries, horror websites, and urban legends in gaming.  The most popular series on his channel is Disturbing Things From Around The Internet, but he also does Internet Investigations, Gaming Retrospectives, Console Conspiracies, and Three Minutes or Less, as well as tons of other random scary videos.  He has a second channel called Nexlife where he uploads real-life footage, however it is currently inactive. "Nexpo" is a portmanteau of his previous channel name, Nightmare Expo.


Disturbing Things From Around The Internet

This is a collection of creepy discoveries from the darkest corners of the internet.

Internet Investigations

Direct analytical takes on various Internet mysteries. Includes analyses, true crime, and 'explained' videos.

Gaming Retrospectives

Retrospectives and analytical takes on various horror video games.

Console Conspiracies

Analytical takes on various video game-related urban legends, mysteries, conspiracies, and myths.

Three Minutes or Less

"Quick hitter" mysteries that are solved in less than three minutes.


  • This channel was originally named Nightmare Expo, but on October 17, 2018, he announced that the channel was going to be rebranded because he thought the name was too restrictive.[1][2]
    • The first video under the Nexpo name was uploaded on November 14, 2018, titled What is "This Room Does Not Exist"?[3]


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