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Peter Alexis Shukoff (born: August 15, 1979 (1979-08-15) [age 40]), better known online as Nice Peter, is an American comedian, musician, and personality. A self-described "Comic/Guitar Hero". He is also known as one of the co-creators of the YouTube channel Epic Rap Battles of History along side EpicLLOYD. He also has a wiki account where he occasionally visits the ERB Wiki to rate suggestions or give hints for the Rap Battles.

Life & Career

Shukoff learned to play guitar before he had finished school, but spent a time pursuing a comedic career. Once settled in Chicago, he began playing live in bars in Chicago, the midwestern USA, and the UK. Shukoff states in Monday Shows that he has previously known how to Irish dance, a talent he says has deteriorated since his childhood days. He also adopted a rescue dog from an animal shelter named Charlie.

Nice Peter Too

NicePeterToo is Pete's second channel, where he would upload a show every Monday. During the Rap Battle season he would sometimes not make the Monday videos due to time put into the rap battles. Usually when he had time away from making them, he would upload.

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