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Nick Crompton (born February 5, 1995 (1995-02-05) [age 25]) is an English Entrepreneur part of the Founding Team of social media marketing agency Social Chain. He then moved to Los Angeles in 2016 to build the popular web group Team 10 as COO up until he left in 2018 and became an executive at Universal Music Group.


In 2015, Nick was part of the Founding Team of the marketing agency Social Chain, quickly growing to 100+ employees with offices in London, Manchester, Berlin and New York. Nick focussed on being at the forefront of Influencer Marketing and put his time into building that division. Overseeing and executing marketing campaigns for some of the biggest brands including 20th Century Fox, Universal, ASOS, BBC, Apple, Disney, McDonald's and MTV. Nick went on to help build the first ever social media talent label "Team 10" in Los Angeles as COO. Team 10 is a unique incubator for talent, growing signed creators to millions of followers in a matter of days. Team 10 quickly became very successful with over 100 million followers, 500 million monthly views, platinum selling music, TV & Digital shows, sold out tour & record breaking events. Due to the nature of Team 10, Nick became a public facing member of the group which is where he grew his millions of followers. From there he was picked up by Universal Music Group, working across all UMG labels and artists. As well as working with EVP Celine Joshua on her own label, 1022pm.

2017 & 2018

  • March 2017 - Jake Paul & Team 10 shut down West Hollywood with branded event at The Grove. 
  • May 2017 - Team 10 release first Single & Music Video, both created and posted under 24 hours. Their parody song "It's Everyday Bro" goes Platinum with the lyrics "England is my city" becoming one of the biggest memes of the year. 
  • June 2017 - First Team 10 live show announced in Los Angeles and sells out within seconds. The overflow closes blocks in Downtown LA.
  • June 2017 - Team 10 grows new member Erika Costell to 1 million subscribers in 48 hours.
  • August 2017 - Team 10 perform & win awards at Teen Choice Awards 2017.
  • December 2017 - Team 10 'Litmas' holiday album complete with Merch and Music Videos.
  • December 2017 - Team 10 shut down New York City with pop-up shop & Times Square Billboards.
  • March 2018 - Team 10 United States tour (20+ stops)
  • May 2018 - Nick Crompton leaves Team 10
  • November 2018 - Nick joins Universal Music Group

Nick Crompton's Explanation

Crompton's letter to his fans, explaining why he decided to leave Team 10

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