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Nicobbq (born: July 18, 1990 (1990-07-18) [age 29]), is a Canadian YouTuber who exclusively talks about Nintendo games. He has many different series, but his most popular series is his NOT series. Nicobbq is also a member of Minus World, along with YouTubers such as Nathaniel Bandy and SMG4.


Nicobbq started his channel in very early 2007, but he didn't create his first video until December 10, 2011, which it was about how to get infinite lives on Super Mario 3D Land. He is from the French-speaking part of Canada, which can clearly be heard in his accent.

Current Series


Definitely Nico's most popular series on his channel, the NOT series is where Nico "exposes" a character and talking about why the character is not who their thought as (Ex: Mario is NOT a Hero, or Bowser is NOT a Villain).


This is a series where nicobbq tries to beat Mario games without touching a single coin (Ex: Is it possible to beat Super Mario 3D world without touching a single coin).


This is a very simple series. This series is where Nico talks about why something is the way it is (Ex: Why The Wii U Failed).

Region Locked

In this series, Nico talks about games that are different in other regions of the world.

Top Tens

Nico makes a list of his favorite or least favorite things in a video game.


In this series, Nico reviews a series of video games. So far, the only video game series he has done retrospectives for is the Mario Kart series.

VG Mindblows

Nico talks about interesting details and features in a video game.

Spooky Mindblows

These videos are similar to VG Mindblows, however, these videos are only uploaded around Halloween time.

Conspiracy Theories

Nico makes theories about video games.

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